Burning Man / Where is Tycho?

40.778629, -119.215681

Was looking at some portal keys and I noticed the 'Redacted' portal key is at Burning Man

I got that key / submitted photo from EXO5 in San Francisco in Dec 2017

So I'm assuming this portal was moved to Burning Man in either 2018 or 2019 or recently

I'm not that familiar with Burning Man, however found out this is 'Burn Week', and Burning Man event is on Sat Sep 5th.

Found this music video from Tycho named Ingress (Burning Man Sunrise Set 2017), I don't recall anything Ingress related at Burning Man 2017.

If the Redacted portal was set up, I reviewed the photos and seems like no one submitted a photo if it was actually at Burning Man 2017, 2018, or 2019

Who is Tycho?

He introduced Ingress at Comic Con 2012

Here's a mention of him in Ingress Origins book

He made Ingress #2 Comic (I don't have #1)

Where is Tycho?

Does anyone know the current locations of the other Camp Navarro keys?


  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Some Navarro and Kaltenberg portals are still active around the world (Two in Chicago, I believe), but the majority is in the player-nicknamed "Magnus graveyard" deep in Antarctica, around -82.862336,134.971322 (https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=-82.862345,134.97167&z=19)

  • I had this poster hanging in my home office from the Philadelphia Cassandra Prime anomaly in August 2018. I thought it was fan made, however it is signed by Tycho, was this his last Ingress piece?

    Does anyone have the decoded messages from it?

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