Glyph Hack Lag

There is a very noticeable lag when I glyph hack in Prime - the drawing trail is always a step behind my finger so I have to wait for it to catch up. This has been a deal breaker for me and the primary reason that I haven't stop using Redacted.

I use a Sony Xperia XZ2 with a Snapdragon 845, so raw performance shouldn't be a problem. Redacted's glyph hacking still works perfectly for me and I'd even say it's visually a lot more pleasing. Totally would love to have the same experience in Prime.

Has anyone encountered this same issue? Just wondering if it's my phone or something else's problem.


  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Honestly, I can say that no I haven't. In fact switching back to redacted and glyphing there's feels so much more incredibly sluggish to me. When I first started using Prime I noticed a drop off in my hack time, but that has really gone away. The only thing that still bothers me is if I get a text notification during the countdown, it blocks it until I dismiss it so I might miss the start. I wouldn't mind if they brought the screenflash back as part of the countdown.

  • ReighElmosReighElmos ✭✭✭

    I have noticed this lag as well, iPhone 8 plus. I have also noticed a deference in tempo of the glyph patterns from redacted to prime. Particularly if using "Complex" or "Simple" commands which throws me off. I definitely second the screen flash on the countdown. I am not sure why but it seems to help me know when to start. In Prime I tend to start drawing before it's ready.

    That said the most annoying thing about Prime is the needing to clear the hack load out screen before being able to hack the next portal. (The load out screen is in the way over the UI button.) When trying to hack multiple portals in quick succession it simply slows me down too greatly to make it worth using Prime over Redacted in that situation.

  • Has anyone encountered this same issue?

    Yes, this is the single biggest issue with Prime for me. It really throws me off when glyphing.

    It does not feel like a bug, though. It rather looks like it is intentionally programmed like that, possibly to be “more fancy”.

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    I experience the same issue. When I get "boundless" my finger can be on the opposite side of the screen from that awful trailing line.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not had that problem on my S8, had the know bug of it just hanging on the glyph screen indefinitely which is annoying, but not a trailing bug.

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