XFAC - Interested in fellow agents interested in research and analysis

I'm looking for fellow minded players who are interested in general research of the game.

There was a thriving group early in this game on G+ - but I found this group only 2 weeks before G+ shut down. And there must have been a great and thriving community shortly after launch of Ingress many years ago.

In my view there is still a lot that is not well understood - that can be revisited. A group helps to discuss ideas, improve on them, share data sets.

About myself: I have been active in the PoGo community as a scientist in the Silphroad Research Group with multiple publications like the 1:2:4:8 rarity index for eggs, an accurate formula for morale decay, the height/weight formula and multiple more.

I have worked in research/data-mining for nearly 20 years - mainly pharmaceutical research. I used statistics for games as long as I can remember. To me - it adds to my enjoyment of the game and I have met a lot of different people via this work.

For more info - post back or visit some of my work on DrThod.com where I currently publish some of that work. There is a lot more I'm working on.

Right now I'm looking into the actual speed bonus you get from GlyphHack. I'm hacking level 1 portals (neutral, other faction, own faction) either quickly (90%+ speed bonus) or slowly (<20% speed bonus) to better understand what gets increased by the bonus - and by how much (at least have a ball park figure). And just lets say without spoilers - the data looks 'interesting'.


  • Patka07Patka07 ✭✭✭✭

    I participated in research when ITO was added to the game and I loved it! It's a lot of work to write down all informations but it's worth it for sure. I can help if you want:)

  • DrThodDrThod ✭✭✭

    This is a great start. Maybe we chat directly- I’m @DrThod on TG

  • iooryziooryz ✭✭

    If you want to dive into the lore of Ingress, Operation Essex is a great community to join. They are on reddit and have an interesting track record.

    P.s. I'm not able to post the link yet, but their subreddit is called OperationEssex

  • DrThodDrThod ✭✭✭

    @iooryz thanks for alerting me to operation essex. It isn't what I'm mainly interested in - but I will have a look from time to time.

  • chibrichibri ✭✭✭✭

    @DrThod , I really appreciated your analysis of the Chicago anomaly scores at https://drthod.com/chicago-anomaly-a-closer-look-at-the-scores/ . If you haven't seen it already, you may enjoy my AMA about the Chicago anomaly at https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/124/i-was-a-res-poc-for-the-chicago-anomaly-and-hank-was-with-me-all-day-ama/p1 .

    In general, I enjoy quantitative analysis of Ingress. I look forward to your future posts. :)

  • MaktoMakto ✭✭✭

    @DrThod You may also want to compare notes with the data generated from

    They have been doing this awhile

  • DrThodDrThod ✭✭✭

    @chibri thanks for the kind words. I did read your AMA and it was very insightful to me. Actually was among the first things I read here - alas a little bit late. My analysis was done very quickly without any additional info apart of the scores (and other analysis I have done). It is great to hear a little bit more behind the scenes info as it helps to refine reports in the future.

    @Makto FEV games, AR gaming news and decode tend to be my starting points. But most haven't updated in ages - or newer went further. FEV games for example has a great article about the formulas for AP gained from glyph hack. But what does it actually mean if you get a bonus of 28% (level 1), 10% (one glyph) and 95% (speed bonus).

    That would be 133% bonus if I just add it up. Here is my data for resonators:

    Neutral (1.34 -> 2.15) (+160%)

    ENL (own faction) 1.39 -> 2.06 (+148%)

    RES 0.87 -> 1.6 (+189%)

    Now I take 15% speed bonus or 53% bonus total

    Neutral (1.34 -> 1.51) (+112%)

    ENL (own faction) 1.39 -> 1.42 (+102%)

    RES 0.87 -> 1.4 (+160%)

    My numbers might be off by +/-10% error margin - but I clearly can't take 100% as what I get as a normal hack. But if I can';t do that - what does the 133% or 53% bonus actually mean.

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