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@NianticBrian or whoever else I have to tag can we PLEASE make it to where you can choose which games people can see from your Niantic Social profile. I understand Niantic generally does not really care about what Ingress players want & often times blatantly disregards anything having to do with our safety but this is far beyond that. This is basically an in game Dox. Showing that I play Ingress at all is going to make my game life much more difficult. I had already stopped playing Ingress when you did this the first time for fear of triggering it to display Ingress on my profile & haven't played since then for the exact same reason. So now that it's here what option do I have? Yea you made it to where our user names are hidden. Big woop. You can still see people's levels & the default is to show user names which is another mistake but I digress. I would still like to actually play Ingress but with the past actions of bad agents in this area before you are putting myself & other agents in danger & it is unacceptable. There needs to be a fix on this ASAP.


  • Has Niantic even replied or acknowledged this yet?

  • Nope. It was brought up to a Vangaurd though who linked this to @NianticBrian a couple hours ago so hopefully that gets some traction.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    this should be turned off as default, let everyone decide what they want open up for others to see.

  • Please help protect the players who support you. It can't be that difficult to make it easy to opt out, you guys have pulled off amazing things. Now please do the right thing--could save a life, a lawsuit, etc. Thanks for reading.

  • @NianticBrian Niantic needs to adjust this so you opt in, because many don't read notification emails, and someone could get hurt because the wrong people know who and where they are.

    There have been many instances of agents following, harassing, and doxing other agents. I have had agents park in such a way that I could not move my car to leave after destroying fields. Another agent pulled out a pistol and told me I had better stay out of his area. Yet another agent walked around our car and spit on all of the door handles while we were in the neighborhood park. There have been multiple instances of "enemy" agents contacting the HR department and claiming harassment in the game while the employee is at work.

    It's just a few bad agents, but that's all it takes. Someone is going to get hurt, and more people will lose their jobs.

  • This needs to be opt in.

    On top of that, I loaded up PoGo because apparently that's where I have to go to turn off sharing my Ingress data, and I wasn't able to find the setting on my own. So now I have to dig through messages to find the instructions.

  • @NianticBrian Please we need this to be taken seriously there is still a lot of bad blood in the game.

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