Undine Runes list

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I made Undine Runes list. @Truthseeker

Font file can download this link: https://storage.googleapis.com/truthseeker/nemesis/intel/Waves.ttf

Open the file, press "Install", then you can use this font at Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for example.

On July 14th 8:18pm, https://www.januslaboratorium.com has "ripples" message with a link. This link was: https://storage.googleapis.com/truthseeker/nemesis/intel/Waves.ttf

You can see Undine Runes on these pages.

Undine Diagram Tessera

Courier Unmasked video

Transcript is on Courier Unmasked Tessera page.

When we constructed the Tessellations, they were designed to protect you from all of the Ancient Ones. If the shields we built meant that even our influence would wane, a contingency was required; That contingency was the Magnus. Patterned after humans, but born of the Substrate. Simulacra.

Retrieved from: https://www.januslaboratorium.com/tesseraed/Courier-Unmasked

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