Battle Beacon Playtest

Truthseekers: According to a trusted source, there is another test of the unannounced NIA tech codenamed Battle Beacon coming up in Taiwan. Once again, the NIA is releasing another potentially risky XM construct into the Scanner, disguised as a new feature. We do not know the full scope of the Battle Beacons yet, or the effects that they might have on our world. However, based on preliminary analysis, it appears as though this construct enables Sensitives to inject Portals of their choice with their own energy. Seeding messages and knowledge into Exotic Matter used to be the exclusive province of the Exogenous. But with the Exogenous gone, and this new NIA tech in people’s hands… that torch has been passed on to us now.

Thanks to Agent @DerLoRT , we will be able to observe the live broadcast of the testing here around Aug 22nd 1100 UTC. I will continue to update the thread if any new leaks appear. Join in the investigation if you are in that area, or tune in online. Any insights into this tech by all of you agents out there are always welcome. And, as always, remember to play safe, stay safe.


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