Updates to Portal decay and hack burnout starting Wed, Aug 26

We’ve evaluated the impact of recent temporary changes to Ingress on everyday gameplay, and have also heard Agents’ requests and feedback regarding our tuning. The following 2 temporary changes will be returning to their original values, effective in 1 week, starting Wed, Aug 26:

  • Portal decay rate will return to its original 15% per day.
  • Portal hack burnout will return to its original 4 hacks.

Bringing Portal decay rate back to its original value (decaying over 1 week) will increase the Portal turnover rate, and hack burnout can still be increased through Multi-Hack mods if Agents want to hack the same Portal repeatedly. 

Other temporary changes still remain in effect for now, and we’ll continue to monitor their impact on Ingress. Please continue to follow local guidance, and where possible, play outside safely.

— The Ingress Team

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