13 Archetypes Decode Challenge media history

With many help of agents, I got all medias of 13ArchetypeChallenge. And I found these medias have changed several times during Tessellation, so I saved all versions of them.

1st version: At first, they all have white pictures of each Archetypes and there were no sound.

2nd version: When each tesserae are placed to the board they changed with colored picture, sound, and Archetype name in Nemesis rune.

3rd version: And when Tessellation game ended, I found out the medias changed again. so I don't know when the 2nd change has happened exactly. They have been added newly the sounds of Resonance (they seems have some arrange though).

*Original links of these medias are published in Tessellation board as asset.


  • HokeyBugleHokeyBugle ✭✭✭

    wow, great find! I was wondering how the 13AR challenge tied into the rest of the tessellation. Especially seeing as they were at the bottom of the board alongside the artifacts. Wish I'd thought to go back and look at them instead of just forgetting about them in a capsule.

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