Closest portals icons are still broken

1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

In the following screenshot, I was in a few kilometers range from a portal at 49.148529, 34.206803 (there are a few phantom, nonexistent portals on the map as you see, don't mind them in this topic).

The two portal cards show me the portals which I have keys from, at coordinates 48.498042, 34.55036 ; 48.558803, 34.899195.

If you open intel an the coordinates mentioned in the first paragraph, you can see there is a village with loads of portals and it is these portals which should be on the cards.

Besides that, the direction at which the cards point is often very wrong. They can point to the left of the screen, while the portal will appear at the top edge of the screen. Redacted had them perfectly aligned.


  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    Definitely seeing this too.

    I'll pass a portal, and then when it drops out of range, it goes back to showing me a random portal from 10kms away. Whichever developer thought it would be fun to show a "roll the dice and pick a portal" instead of the nearest ones... doesn't know how this works.

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