Feature Parity: Why do we still not have portal navigation hopping in Prime?

Next month will mark the 1 year anniversary of Redacted being shut off and the Ingress community being 100% on Prime. We were told time and again that Prime would be at feature parity by the time Redacted was turned off, and yet there is a glaring omission of a feature from Prime that was used very often by agents in Redacted, namely portal navigation.

Note that portal navigation is NOT the same thing as being able to copy the physical address of the portal, which seems to be the solution put in place by Niantic to address this.

Specifically, in Redacted, you could use the scanner to navigate around the portal network to help you find where a portal was located or where a field/link terminated. By selecting "Navigate" on a portal, that portal would become the new "center" of the remote portal view. You could then navigate again from that point within the 600-700 meter range of remote view, and repeat that process across the network. In urban areas in particular, using this navigation hopping method was an extremely fast and easy way to find out where a link ended. In Prime, you simply can't see it and must use Intel, which means switching out of the app and potentially having your OS close Prime on you as it grabs resources for the browser.

This should have been added to the scanner at this time last year. I constantly find myself wishing for this feature and it drives me crazy that we don't have it. Why isn't this in Prime and when can we expect it?

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