BannerRuck 2020

It's SummerTime, Agents! Time for another GORUCK #BannerRuck Challenge (and a brand new patch!)! Here's how to earn the brand new #BannerRuck patch and beat the COVID-19 blues:

1. Grab some local agents or a friend that has never tried Ingress before, and schedule a date! The usual requirement is 5 people, but for safety reasons, you can now complete the event with just one buddy if you prefer. 

2. Put at least 10 lbs in your ruck/backpack and load up that #Ingress mission banner you've always wanted to try. Or, make a new one! It should have at least 10km walking distance. There's no time limit as long as it's completed in the same day. 

3. Post your completed adventure photos to Instagram before October 1st with the following hashes: #bannerruck #goruck #ingress Make sure to tag us @goruckingress. Include photos of the ruck, your completed banner screenshot, and proof of at least 10km walked from your tracking app of choice.

4. Fill out this form no later than October 3rd (earlier is better)!

5. An optional "Embrace the XFAC" patch is available for $5, check here for details!

6. It starts today! Go get those miles! 

Fine print:

1. Due to current border restrictions, patch shipping fees have increased for some and will decrease for larger groups. See form for complete details.

2. Direct any questions to @RuthShepherd or [email protected]

3. You will receive an email when patches are sent, as well as updates pushed to the news channel here. 

4. Patches will begin going out on Sept 1 at the earliest, and will continue through Oct 1st as submissions come in.

5. Obey all local ordinances, curfews, and safety precautions. Where a mask where it is recommended. Prioritize safety and practice social distancing!


  • Agents: There have been several mission approvals for BannerRuck stalled, however, you should be able to see approvals coming in within the next few days. To compensate for lost time, I am extending the event through the end of October. Happy rucking! -Ruth/GRHQ

  • Thanks!! I know CBus is hitting it this weekend. Working on a local Cincinnati setup!

  • Complete a mission of at least 10 km, go get those miles?

    My brain hurts.

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