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Please fix the resonator location marker positions in the UI. In Prime the resonators appear to be roughly 1/3 too close to the portal when deployed when the actual position is 1/3 further away from the center. In redacted the resonators appear in UI exactly where they are located and they can be destroyed with ultra strikes.

this makes it very difficult to use ultra strikes when destroying resonators when the actual resonator position is not where it appears to be.

This can be easily reproduced by deploying a resonator with max distance and then compare resonator locations in UI woth Prime and Redacted. Sorry I cannot post pictures yet (and it seems that there is no tag for ultra strikes either)



  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe the problem is the map. Prime map seems smaller than redacted. This made the portal looks closer.

  • I think the problem might be related S2 cell system where very northern cells are wider then ones near equator. E.g. in Pokémon GO the gyms could be accessed far away from mist the horizon but in Canary Island you cannot access one you could almost touch (in game graphics).

    Although, here in Finland you have to think about the distance of drawn resonator plus 1/2 from it when using Ultra Strikes with heavily defended portals. We'll have Myriad XM Anomaly in Helsinki and new (Prime only) agents have to manage the issue in real Anomaly situation.

    Two screenshots (one from Prime and one from Redacted) taken from portals:

    Latitudes and longitudes of portals (I cannot yet post links or direct pictures): in Finland (in range), 60.299802,25.06234 and Tähkäkuja Park (nearest one, almost max resonator distance from portal centre), 60.299589,25.063659

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