#IngressFS Tring, UK SITREP

I was privileged to be able to POC my second Ingress First Saturday, this being my town of Tring, United Kingdom.

After some minor (catastrophic) issues last time with the scoresheet, I felt much more prepared this time and was able to learn from previous events and take the best of each, while learning from those that weren’t the best.

Our FS was Wayfarer themed, and the site was voted by the UK Wayfarer community, so it was a delight to be chosen.

Reviewing was the main event, using Zoom and live reviewing with others was great, especially as a number of us were reviewing the same candidates, we could share our views of how something does or doesn’t meet criteria.

Since reviewing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we had several other activities, including the decoding challenge, best meme competition and Feb usually recharging and AP leaderboard.

As lockdown measures have eased and by the UK Government’s data, we deemed it safe for a socially distanced picnic between locals on the day, for those that are missing the social interactions we’ve taken for granted before lockdown.

What I’ve really come to appreciate from running these themed FS’s, is the lack of faction drama and a common goal, we all review on Wayfarer to add genuine high-quality points of interest to the network, something that is irrelevant of faction, so there was no bad blood, fake smiles, just genuine co-operation for a greater cause.

On the lighter side, the whole idea of having local POCs, was to have local knowledge when solving the passcode, that was all well and good, I know my portals, but apparently can’t read. Thanks to @Dittosaur for stepping in to solve the passcode.

Thanks to everyone who attended. 60 odd people is a fantastic turnout, and perhaps once I’ve had a week at a spa to destress, I’d throw my hat in the ring to run another, layer in the year. 💙💚

Thanks especially to @JediQuigley for being my frog and @ZombieSazza for making the gorgeous collage of our pictures.

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