New Rule: Drop the min. # of agents required for loc's without a FS last 3 monthes

cheatchcheatch ✭✭✭
edited August 2020 in First Saturdays

Your minimum number of players rule has devastated FS's imo, especially with rural America

My area got hit hard with your min # agents rules because I did not feel comfortable hosting FS when the FS medal was implemented (and I hosted FS's since 2015).

I get it why this was done, but I also believe there is some type of compromise here and was driving 3 hours to a FS today and thought of this.

So with a pre-approval of at least 30 days, I believe there should be a process to schedule a FS by a solo agent to a location without a FS for the last 3 months plus the upcoming month.

A location would be defined by a radius of 60 miles which is roughly at least an hour of driving.

Eventually, FS's will be back on location, I wanted to make this post while it was fresh on my mind

I had a lot of success of marketing Ingress in my area (Dayton, OH, USA) thru the FS's, but I did not feel comfortable with agents driving hours to my location and I could not guarantee them the medal credit which I struggled to get the numbers both times I tried it with this new system (it did not help that it started in Dec 2017)

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