#Beaconfortotomad and farewell announce

Hello Agents, this is absolute119966 from Tokyo, JPN. 

I’d like to announce with my condolence and respect. 

On 22nd July, our friends-wonderful and so kindly Enlightened Tokyo agent- @totomad has gone away due to sudden heart failure. 

They had many friends so that we are heartbroken and mourning about their passing away.

I don’t know what to say about. 

I will really miss them. 

When they were on the world, were working on editing portal descriptions. 

Searching papers, asking staffs, and/or any methods, they edit many of descriptions. So we can discover the new and unexpected side of portals. 

And they made us fun and heart warming with talking many interesting things(Ex. Gundam/Other video game).

The funeral ceremony was finished with farming and their relatives. 

I think what we can do for expressing our deepest sympathy on the their passing way is doing something on the scanner they played and loved.

So please light up the portal with your Niantic beacon for any portal. And please post screenshots with #Beaconfortotomad


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