@Truthseeker please show us direct evidence for the existence of exogenous beings.

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Hello dear researcher.

We have not seen a single exogenous creature in any video received through the scanner. Also, not a single proof of the existence of exogenous creatures has been provided by nemesis (except for a few photographs of dubious quality and a lot of chatter in the style of "I saw exogenous creatures, I swear by my ...").

Therefore, we, as agents and resistances who fight against exogenous beings, and agents of enlightenment who in some way advocate acquaintance with exogenous beings, we ask you to provide evidence for the existence of exogenous beings. Videos, photo facts, exogenous technology samples or biological samples. Thank you.

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    I'm not Investigate XM, however I, as member of Essex, I can answer some of the your questions (this really is an old argument).

    The only direct evidence we have to the existence of the Exogenous are the prime artifacts (all of which are composed of XM/Dark XM and existed for eons) which were created by the Undines, the various Tecthulhus several of which were also Created by the Undines, the Tesselation, which as you guessed was created by the Undines, and Exogenous glyphs capable of affecting human minds which were created by some Exogenous species that were not the Undines. The only people who seen an EXO are both Misty Hannahs, and All Nemesis members. It's assumed that Calvin and anyone who used the Darsana Lens, like Calvin, is capable of having seen the Shapers or N'Zeer ingression.

    It should also be mentioned that the fight against the Exos is currently over so as long as no one tries to undo the Tesselation. Seriously, ingress agents destroyed and rebuilt too many anti Exogenous barriers that at this point, reliving that series of events in another anomaly series would seriously anger people.

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    This is just text again. We need real proof that exogenous were or even are. So far we have not seen a single exogenous creature in the scanner, or a clear video or series of documented files about what exogenous creatures are, what their physiology is, what their supposed psychic and intellectual abilities are. So far, there is not much information on exogenous beings.

    Excuse me for any mistakes in the text, it's just that English is not my native language.

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    They're probably not 3-dimensional, so you can't really see them.

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    There was a picture showing Yuri Nagassa staring at a Shaper. Does someone have it?

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    Those aren’t apparently “valid evidence” as the photos could have been altered by Nemesis to look like the Exogenous are truly there/different colors.

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    Either way, there's one in the right in green here

    Another here

    And I think there were a couple other photos too

  • Who has the picture of yuri nagassa looking at a shaper if any has any photos relates to the exogenous can you put them here please it helps understand what's going on thank you

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    I don't see shapers in these photos, here are just some green formless formations.

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    No no and one more time no. Three photographs do not give us any knowledge of the civilization of these creatures. Imagine a nonhuman alien being shown 3 photographs of Homo sapiens: one person lying on the beach, another person lying on the grass, and the third wearing a cap. How much will such an alien understand about us humans?

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    Well, the problem with how you are asking for proof is that based on everyone's statements from Nemesis node, once the Exogenous come in, "it's game over man." Meaning, it's unlikely that people are capable of getting good photos or videos without dying in the process.

    Sadly, the only way to get the visual you desire would be to either ingress into the Nemesis Node BEFORE the Exogenous were booted or take a field trip to the Fugue physically or using RPE.

    Again, the only Exogenous based XM tech that exists are the Exogenous Glyphs (prior to the NIA's insertion of human created glyphs via the scanner technology), prime artifacts, the Tesselation itself, and early tecthulhus (such as ouroboros) .

    Those pictures show Enlightened Portals.

    Here's a slight correction to your list of people who seen Exogenous:

    -Misty Hannah 1218 trapped what can be termed as "lesser" Exogenous entities (or at least their consciousnesses) into her mind palace and then eventually traveled to Nemesis Node. She saw the results of the ingression but we are not sure if she actually saw any Exogenous.

    - Hank 1218 also traveled to Nemesis Node via RPE, so it's assumed he got first hand evidence of their existence but we don't actually know if he saw any prior to his entering the Undine Temple.

    - Osiris Misty Hannah ventured into the Fugue with Hank 1218. It's unknown if she continued the journey towards the Undine temple along with Hank. (It's hard to tell if she would have gone there with Hank since her closest equivalent, Umbra, thought that keeping the mystery of the Exogenous alive by our not letting them in Osiris node was more import than telling us the truth of what happened when they came into the Nemesis Node).

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    The reason we have never seen an exogenous in the scanner is because the exogenous never actually invaded (ingressed) into this universe. We stopped them.

    We do have evidence that they exist because we can detect their ordered data, which was the reason that the Niantic Project came into existence in the first place.

    So no, you will never see a shaper in the scanner. If that ever happened, Lord help us, because it's already too late.

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    There I caught my first glimpse of an exogenous in the flesh. The Undine are so big, so beautiful, that they almost defy explanation - like many tentacled cephalopods maybe 1000 feet high.

    In their presence, the air around me started to ripple. But then I realized that it was my mind that was rippling. The Undine were trying to communicate with me and somehow those ripples translated to thoughts inside my head and they told me their story.


    I would imagine photographic or visual proof might be limited.

  • @ United Nations please show us direct evidence for the existence of nuclear weapons.

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    They will figure out that humans are lazy and like lying down.

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    We need more info about exogenious creatures!!!!

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    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to do your own research then ;) The NIA and the other companies that are investing into XM research aren't exactly forthcoming with their results, which is why we rely on whistleblowers like PAC to get these results to us. If said whistleblowers are MIA or if those companies tighten their security, no one will just give up their research. I don't think saying "Give us the info" will convince them to release said info.

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    During the Tessellation series there were the Unmasked videos that were dropped as Media objects (and are now Public on YouTube as well). In the description there’s a code or hyperlink that takes you to the image. Ex: https://youtube.com/shorts/sHi3eN1M5n0?feature=share

    There were a couple (like the second image) that were also videos. Ex: https://youtube.com/shorts/3WlWf2rAOmE?feature=share

  • If they are an intelligent species, quite a lot. For instance our physiology, skeletal system, possibly our nervous system.... if the people in the picture are of different races then they may be able to determine environmental information about our planet...... there is a lot of information you can discern from a limited amount of pictures... dot forget, "a picture is worth a thousand words. "

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