Coda of Nemesis Sequence

Truthseekers: The NIA intercepted a transmission of the tuning of the Tessellation. I believe some of you may already have seen it.

This is a great milestone we have crossed in the protection of our world. But, at the same time, I find myself wondering, where do we go from here? And are there things we may have overlooked?

But, before we move forward, we should probably take a second to look back at how we got here. And to understand that… we have to understand the Tessellation.

As we understand it, the Tessellation is a membrane that regulates the degree to which Exogenous entities can influence our world. In the final months of our battle with Nemesis, we learned that they come from another Earth, where their Tessellation had been shattered. And, seeing the devastation left in the wake of the Exogenous invasion of their world, it quickly became clear just how important that membrane could be.

In the end, only our Magnus - the Niantic Project Researchers - could tune the Tessellation, to set the tone for our world’s relationship with the Exogenous moving forward. And, well, this intercept the NIA has received shows us the results of their actions. They reconfigured the Tessellation such that the Exogenous cannot gain ingress into our world, and can no longer even influence us through XM. Now, for perhaps the first time in human history, Exotic Matter is safe for humans to harness and study, without fear of being influenced by would-be extradimensional invaders. Is XM still dangerous in the wrong hands? Sure. Are there forces out there, in the government and the private sector, that would corrupt the power of XM to their own nefarious ends? Absolutely. But at least now, we’re dealing with XM on our terms. If, after all of this, XM still ends up being the instrument of our destruction… well, then we’ll have only ourselves to blame. But I don’t think that’s how it’s gonna go. For all its dangers, XM also has within it the potential to change the world for the better. And I know you Agents out there are committed to seeing it leveraged for the good. There’s still a lot of work ahead of us. But for now, I think we can afford to take a moment to celebrate our world’s victory here today.

Some of you have inquired after the condition of the Researchers. Well, I have been in contact with them, and they wanted me to convey that they are all in one piece. But there was a cost to tuning the Tessellation. The Researchers have lost their sensitivity to XM altogether. On the flip side, they’re all - each and every one - flesh and blood humans again… even Hank and Lightman, who straight up died years ago. So, as one door shuts to them, another one opens. Back from exile. Back to life, in some cases. For some, maybe even a chance at leading a normal life, if that’s something they even want. On a personal note, I count many of the Researchers as my friends, and I for one cannot wait to see until I can see them face to face again. You know, whenever it becomes safe to do so.

Digging a little deeper into the intercepted video… I’m told by the Researchers that what we’re looking at is an interface built by Stein Lightman and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to facilitate the tuning of the Tessellation. I’ll be honest with you, I’m a hacker. I’m known for it. But it’s gonna take me a while to fully grock what they built here. But I did notice that, right around the time the Obsidian Arrowhead was activated, the names of the Portals where the Tesserae were found were uploaded into the system, as were the names of you Agents who contributed to finding them. 

I think it was recording our trajectory, the path we took to achieve the tuning. Based on research I’ve obtained from the 1218 Universe, our Tessellation journey is reminiscent of the one taken by the explorer Obsidius on that world. I also noticed a few other things that harken back to past Ingress Investigations… The word “Jörmungandr.” The Ouroboros. It makes me think that even though each Tessellation is designed to protect one particular world, they’re all somehow connected via a broader network. Our worlds are connected. Osiris, 1218, Nemesis… maybe others? Time will tell on that, I guess. 

As usual, in a lot of ways, this transmission leaves us with more questions than answers.

Are we now truly safe from the Exogenous? Or could they find a way back? How soon will a Magnus be able to tune the Tessellation again, and could they reverse all of the gains we’ve made?

Have we truly seen the last of Nemesis? Is there anything else they conveniently forgot to tell us? And are our fates now permanently intertwined with theirs, now that we share the same Tessellation?

Will the Researchers ever be able to reactivate their sensitivity to XM? I’d bet you good money people like Roland Jarvis are gonna try.

ADA fell off the map so to speak at the end of this. Where did she go? What’s her next move?

How will the Factions change, in the light of the Exogenous being taken out of the mix?

And, there of course, is the eternal question: What is the Niantic Project… now that the mission of Magnus has been completed?

I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions. But, I am - as ever - dedicated to unraveling these mysteries, Truthseekers. Thank you again or your part in this victory we’ve achieved. And stay tuned. This ain’t over yet.




  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    Help required.

  • ENL

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey dear, don't be stupid! A criminal group calling itself "Nemesis" has stolen the best researchers from your world. Further, the members of this criminal group imprisoned our passionaries in a different dimension against their will, although they could come in peace and share their problem. And I would be more than sure to help them. Further, the members of the attacking group did not provide a single proof of the presence of exogenous beings in their world. There was not a single operational footage of an exogenous creature, there was not a single photograph depicting an exogenous creature, and there was not a single example of exogenous technology that they could provide as evidence. Blind faith is dangerous in this case! You believed the invaders who didn't even provide evidence of the threat! And you do not know what the true purpose of the membrane created in the process of tessellation is!

  • Ha sido un largo camino, y todo indica que pronto sabremos mas de Nemesis, quiza ahora los patos hagan de escopetas, lo que si es cierto es que jamas sabremos cual es el verdadero proyecto niantic!

  • YutoRaionYutoRaion ✭✭✭

    I'm glad to hear that Researchers are still alive! You know, Januslab suggested that footage early, and I was afraid...

    I have more questions: What will happen to the Portal Network itself? It seems working well as before for now but might change the responses from the Network such as the Glyphs, Hack outputs, etc...

  • Neku69Neku69 ✭✭✭✭

    @Truthseeker please, don't tell me we let the Undine inside, while throwing the other exos out. Please, I want to know about this because if we have to fight together to repell an exo, the ENL side would become the RES part II.

  • @Truthseeker What did you think of when you learned that Tethered Hand was Wendy/ADA?

    I'm looking forward to the next story and mystery solving! Thank you for the awesome medal!

  • ikaros02ikaros02 ✭✭✭✭

    In Courier Departure, Courier (1218 Hank Johnson) told us that the Undine have no interest in leaving the Fugue, so it's very unlikely that they are in our world.

  • Neku69Neku69 ✭✭✭✭

    All the information we had is from a Nemesis member, we don't know what they were allied in the first place. If they were aggresive against N'Zeer ahd the Shapers, that would explain the footage we've seen of them attacking the humans from their world. On top of that, the video detects inside the Tech-whatever, an unknown entity called Undine. Then, we see in the video:

    Tecth-Undine ------ Identified ------ Ouroboros

    Following the arrows, they may have been transferred into Ouroboros. On top of that, ADA dissapears from Wendy at the end of the video, so in the end, ADA may have taken advantage of OLW equation during the reconfiguration.

    What I think is this was a bold move from GMs and perhaps they are going to try erode the lines between our factions, the exos banishment, leave us a plot full of holes that need to be explained. ENL needs a motive to fight because we lost it, the RES won and finished the lore of the game.

    However, if Undine is here and they try to invade the world, the ENL would become res part II, and I don't want that. No more crossfaction events to repell exos, if they are banned from now, they are banned, forever.

  • I didnt get it, but i need medal

  • RES

  • 💪💙💙💙

  • Go Go Resistance!!!!

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  • yabebeyabebe ✭✭

    I’m resistance

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    You are too late. You can’t qualify now and the medals will not be re-pushed. I’m sorry, but you will not be getting either Paragon or Knight.

  • ENL


  • ENL

  • So the Resistance won!

    "They reconfigured the Tessellation such that the Exogenous cannot gain ingress into our world, and can no longer even influence us through XM. Now, for perhaps the first time in human history, Exotic Matter is safe for humans to harness and study, without fear of being influenced by would-be extradimensional invaders."

    This goal was why I joined the Resistance 7 years ago.

    Congratulations, agents!

  • Eupearl1981Eupearl1981 ✭✭
    edited August 2020



    Congratulations @Truthseeker about medal paragon. Amazing.

  • Res

  • Shapers BTFO

    Vive la Résistance ! 💙💙

  • Congratulations to all who, in some way or another, were able to join in with ideas or help during the Tessellation. The Tessellation was a unique opportunity where I and many more agents got help from those who weren't as much as participating in the investigation, and now got their eyes open and, because of that, will provide much needed help in our search for answers.

    Aside from the threat from another node and our global restrictions, both factions made efforts to repel both crises and were successful.

    In my personal opinion, I still believe that, sometime in the future we may need help from Nemesis node, we never know...

    Without @Truthseeker's guidance and insights, I doubt we could steer through both of this crisis undamaged, yet we did.

    Thank you @Truthseeker, we are as vigilant as ever, please fill us in with any information you receive, and we will as well.

    Best regards to all agents that receive this message and stay safe out there, many more challenges await us!

  • NPElolliNPElolli ✭✭
    edited August 2020

    To be honest, I was and still am very confused about the Tessellation event and thus sadly didn't participate in it, but it's still awesome to see the Ingress community get together and manage such a giant event. There is a lot of info I missed though, lots of reading to do.

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    As many others have already said, thanks @Truthseeker for aiding and guiding us through all the twists and turns during the last ten months. It was amazing to see the cooperation in my own faction, and I know the same collaboration had to happen in the other faction as well. We all look forward to what happens next, as well as the challenges we are going to encounter soon.

    if you ever have questions you are more than welcome to ask any of us! Many of the Agents involved in the Investigation for a while try to help whenever we can. I try to check here fairly often, but the best way to reach out to me and get quicker answers (as well as with other Agents) is on Telegram app. Search for my agent name, ArkFang, and send me a message if you have any questions!

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