Now that Exogenous are gone... What's the difference between factions, ideologically?

1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

4 years ago it was clear. Enl are for communication with Shapers and making path to progress together with them. Res are against Shapers presence cause they're the invaders. Very distinct and easy to pick for many.

Now that the Exogenous were kicked out of the universe, there are no Shapers nor N'Zeer.

What now? What is the ideological difference between us? What is that faction ideology which would ensure that agents are devoted to their faction?

Is this another move by Niantic to reduce the competition between factions and make us friends, with total peace and rainbow ponies?

I do not want that. I want Res and Enl ideologies to differ. Significantly. Like it was before the start of the Tessellation (which by itself, out of context, was very interesting event) and annoying cross-faction shards.

It is difference between our factions that is fueling this game. Not friendship.

@NianticBrian you need Ingress Agent Tutorial fixed. ADA says Jarvis is rooting for Shapers, who are the creatures in the portal network. Both parts of this aren't true anymore.


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