Idea for DroneNet Drones MK 1 - 8

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Here's an idea for dronenet drones.

Please note that every drone will have the features of the other drones,

You will get a leveled up drone when you level up, (eg, MK 2 drone for Agent Level 2)

MK 1

You have this, Hack portals

MK 2

Hack portals, it does not take as long for the portal to cool down

MK 3

Recharge the portals with your drone, install 1 resonator every 24 hrs

MK 4

Takes 30 mins instead of 1 hr to move around this one.

MK 5

Install 2 resonators every 24 hours

MK 6

Create links with this drone, cannot attack portals

MK 7

Now you can make a small LV 1 Ultra strike on a portal

MK 8

Same thing, level 2

tell me if i'm an idiot. k?

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