FA Tea Time, St.-Petersburg, Russia

1HeII1HeII ✭✭

Several years ago I decided to make a field-art with my beloved tea for my 5th Ingress-versary.

I found an artist quickly and the first version of the drawing was ready pretty soon, but then came anomaly in Helsinki, which happened to be scheduled right at our planned date. So I had to put the idea back in the drawer for a while. Thanks to JuggernautSpb for updating the plan, though. We’ve chosen the new date - my 6th Ingress-versary and then completely forgot about it

Big thanks to Spb ENL who drew a fox field-art on 12th of July and reminded us about our plan.

Farming keys from 100 portals? No problem at all We asked to help one agent working in the area, a couple of agents on vacation and a couple more of Ingress crazies.

Thanks to all the people who agreed to participate in the operation without knowing anything about the plan!

Fun facts:

  • Changed the plan during the keyfarming phase (because of unexpected closed gates in the center of the city)
  • Coerced RuBlackCat to write down the plan of homogenous linking on the very last day.
  • Have been distributing the keys by capsules during the whole last day and still forgot some keys.
  • Lost our intel operator because of force majeure
  • Found a replacement (@M0rf3u) in just a couple of hours before the start
  • @parariruram was also on the Intel and she was doing it for the first time
  • I had a fever during the operation
  • Two ENL tried to resist (haha), hello to @5hwed and @Shiruba69
  • Two agents decided to fix all the holes in the drawing even after all the people went home. Thanks to @Incognito90 and @Etcetera!
  • Zello went down at the end of the op

Idea: 1HeII

Drawing by: JuggernautSPb

Intel OP: M0rf3u, parariruram, 1HeII

Technical support: mikn

Keyfarming: Slackoold, junkman178, tametigress, JuggernautSPb, 1HeII

FIeld agents:























people queueing for the keys :)


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