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"The truthseekers believed that everything was over ... But it is not, continues in the IFSBA August ..."

The TessellAgent is one of the FSBA activities: participating agents must follow the steps, discover the TessellAgents medals to answer the questions and score points.

▪️Date: Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 20hs UTC

Everyone is invited to participate through @CanalIFSBA (Telegram)!

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"Los buscadores de la verdad creyeron que todo había terminado... Pero no es así, continúa en el IFSBA Agosto..."

El TessellAgent es una de las actividades del FSBA: los agentes participantes deberán seguir los pasos, descubrir las medallas de los TessellAgents para contestar las preguntas y sumar puntos.

▪️Fecha: Sábado 01 de Agosto 2020 - 20hs UTC.

Quedan todos invitados a participar a través de @CanalIFSBA (Telegram)!




  • marian522marian522 ✭✭✭

    🔒The TessellAgent is a new activity of the FSBA: participating agents must follow the instructions to obtain points.

     🔎 STEPS :

    ▪️See the list of TessellAgents on the day of the event.

    ▪️Tague them by COMM and send them a greeting.

    ▪️Take a screenshot of the message. NECESSARY.

    ▪️ On Board X the medal positions of each TessellAgent will be indicated.

    ▪️ Answer the form.

    ▫️The 10 TessellAgents (5 from each faction) must be tagged. Use the Comm XF to be able to see the profiles.

    ▫️The positions of the Board (X) will be given in coordinates. For example, position A1 (see image) is Horizontal row A, vertical column 1.

    ▫️The questions will be related to the TessellAgents medals.

    ▫️There are 10 agents and 12 questions, two will be bonuses and optional.

    🔻Each correct answer is worth 1 point.

    🔺Agents who respond during the first 30 minutes will get 5 extra points.

    ▫️The form will not accept editing, there is only one chance.

    🔸 Discoverers will appear in the TessellAgent Hall of Fame.

     Good luck! ♣️ 

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    #IFSBAOnline #PorElMundo #theTessellAgent #August2020

    "The TessellAgents arrived in Buenos Aires! ... We are grateful that they are finally revealed and we can find out the truth through their medals ... Are you ready?"

    1️⃣ Send your greeting through COMM to the TessellAgents ... Don't forget to take a screenshot!

    Hello / Hello ... @Blaumut @cayt @Cluelessness @falenone @ GPC2C @NikaKor @Kokachin @Netwalker @OkinawaHiroT @ruflen

    2️⃣ Locate the medals indicated on the Board.

    [Location of the medal - TessellAgent]

    3️⃣ Answer the following form: 


    Remember that there are 12 questions (10 required and 2 optional). Attach your screenshot at the end!

    Good luck!

  • marian522marian522 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2020

    The IFS Buenos Aires August had the special collaboration of 10 incredible agents who joined as guests in the TessellAgent.

    This activity incorporated greetings to these agents from different parts of the world through the COMM and a Trivia with questions about the TessellAgents Scanner medals!

    All the information is available at:


    We appreciate the participation of the agents @Blaumut @cayt @Cluelessness @falenone @NikaKor @Kokachin @Netwalker @OkinawaHiroT @ruflen and Brian Rose for joining this initiative!

    Information channel: @CanalIFSBA

  • Screenshots from IFS Buenos Aires August, messages were sent by comm and replies appear from agents all over the world. 👏👏👏

    Thanks for the replies @ruflen @NianticBrian @Falenone @kokachin @Netwalker @cayt !!

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