How do you deal witn social network harrasment?


Good evening, I wonder how to deal with stalking players of pokemon go? here is a mistake by Niantic, when you have to report a bug in the game "spoofers" Niantic recommends you report in their communication channels with twitter, which I did because of the proliferation of spoofers and false portals, this unfortunately came In view of a community of spoofers on Facebook, which has started to insult my Facebook wall and Twitter, I have had to change the privacy preferences of the 2 social networks, which directly affects my Audio consulting work for Virtual Reality / AR / MR, which is unacceptable, very serious Niantic's error, including Facebook's failure to withdraw their post, is something that directly affects trying to do the right thing in a game, I have even taken legal measures in against aggressive players who have already violated the integrity of some players and are currently continuing their harassing activities, I speak for those people who have no voice and q which continue with the tyranny of niantic's "error" and spoofers,

it's something that has to end.

What solutions does Niantic give us against the harassment we have players for following their "rules", you cannot measure that, we are not statistics, we are the ones who have built your player base and we hope to improve the future of games in general , but this is not an easy task, and it is not remunerated, you have a moral duty to fix this situation, especially John Hanke, you have a moral duty with your faithful Ingress players, who we contribute daily with TIME, SWEAT, TEARS AND MONEY In improving the game, things do not change with a Black Lives Matter beacon, the lives of Ingress players also count, Ingress Player Matters, John, please fix your game, its broken.


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