Link issues with 2.51.1

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I cant find any recent reference to the issue of not being able to link to some portals (irrespective of distance), an app restart is needed so the link as viable again.

Not 100% certain about the conditions but it seems as if when you link to a portal then try to make a different link to the portal you just linked to the new link is not always possible.

Seems to happen with quite some regualrity.

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I have same issue. my only guess is that its related to server lag-desync or something. only thing that helps is restart but its very annoying knowing that certain links should work and yet nothing shows up until u restart... i hope this gets fixed. u shouldnt have to restart prime scanner every 5 min when u are out building and cant link as this is a huge part of the game and flow just breaks down when your linking is not even working proper.

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    I hope Niantic work hard to resolve the link bug in Prime and work 100%. Please spend all the work now on link bug and fix it to next update 2.53.1 @NianticBrian

  • Hey, @NianticBrian, @NianticAkshay , maybe @NianticAndrew? Or @NianticAustin? its August, 23 today, Ingress version 2.54.1 is out, but problem is still here. Can you please react that you know about this bug? For me it looks like no one in niantic knows about any problems with links

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    problem still exists for me and many .

  • These links both failed for me. (Dashes at source)

    Unfortunately under 2.54 a restart did not allow the links to go through.

    • Had keys for destinations
    • Source portal had less than 8 outgoing links.
    • Nothing blocking portals.
    • Had XM
    • All portals had 8 full resonators.
    • Other portals had previously linked to them during the same session.
  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    yes there is no logic why u cant link certain portals unless u restart.. i dont get it.. but comm scroll bug is fixed now i hope this can get fixed next version too.

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