[Intel Feature Request] Chat log update

With the speeding up of the Intel Map and the server back end, there's another request for Intel that has been hanging out there for many years.

Back on G+ in the annuls of time (2015), John Hanke acknowledged ('ack') that it was a problem that Intel's "All" tab mixed alerts activity and chat all in one. However, 5 years on, we still haven't seen the requested changes.


  1. Activity tab - A tab containing all activity on the map for the selected area. This would not contain any alerts, chat or other things. Simply activity. The idea being that you can go to a low activity area such as Antarctica, and be able to scroll back without having to wade through days of your own attack notifications to get a single entry or two from the area.
  2. Chat tab (or two) - Not just Faction, but a chat tab that contained all conversation between players. Provide a switch to make it easy to send messages to the right channel, but something that allows us to view cross-faction conversations without a screen full of attack notifications and activity. It would also show all chat messages directed at the player, interleaved with the messages from the area. That way if someone chooses to message you from the middle of the ocean, it can be read without having to bounce back and forth between alerts and messages.
  3. Alerts tab - All attack notifications and direct messages for the player.


  • lozbotlozbot ✭✭

    Would be great to see activity without alerts polluting the log.

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