Uploading portal scans crashes the game

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I have two problems with uploading scan portals in fact. The first is: it takes enormously long time. Recently I found out fellow agents can send one scan in about 2-3 minutes, while I can do it in only 15-20 minutes. I usually store them in phone memory and them sent them using Wi-Fi, but tried also with mobile data, with no significant difference. Checked if I have some upload speed cap, but found nothing. I have no idea why it takes such a long time.

Of course, I could left Ingress opened, and wait few huors for scans to upload, and that would be great idea, if the second issue won't occur: Ingress crashes after uploading 2-4 scans. One hour of uploading results in at least one of following: game freezes or kicks me out to home screen.

Has anyone had simillar problem(s)? Did you fixed that? Please help me, as I am becomig more and more frustrated.

My device: LG Q6

OS: Android 8.1.0

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