Portal scan reward and other feedback.

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I just walked around the city for three hours for the scout controller (and by extention worked on scout), burned through roughly 2 gigs of data, and the only thing i really get from all this effort is a tick to the stat. The rest of the tiers are too far into the numbers to even look forward to. (mainly pertaining controller)

I think the situation could be greatly improved with some sort of AP compensation volumetricly in line with destroying, capping, linking and fielding. Right now this scanning party feels way too much like work and not so much like a game element.

I'm assuming the second medal was introduced because not enough people upload scans but I think that's just an incentive problem. That the scout controller is now a mildly competative thing is a start but people will probably now again rush to 100 to remove the lock and then stop caring.

For me to integrating this portal scanning into regular play it needs to become somehow "economical". Right now it doubles or triples my "portal time" and there's no AP return to show for it. In fact if i'm not carrying a powerbank scanning straight up eats away at time that could be spent with regular play. Quite significantly.

Further more as for some creature comforts I'd like a button to disable that "would you like to upload now" prompt and just always upload immediately. (or possibly the opposite as well)

And finally we also really need some kind of indicator for unique portals. As this is yet another stat leaning on it but the feedback from the scanner whether the portal is unique or not is just not there. Maybe just port pogo's ring to ingress in some shape or form? Possibly in different colors to indicate overall uniques and event based uniques?


  • Wait, we need you to scan about 500 portals, get burned out and bitter and THEN we’ll add a reward of some sort. Kinda how I scanned most of my city and moved on from scanning and then they add a new feature/badge and somehow can’t add scout controller retroactively. Tricky move Niantic!

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    Yeah that wasn't super elegant of them...

  • Just wait until you get in RED RATING for your scans and it won't even count for the medal stats :P (Hello, Wayfarer)

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    I said it before, give a 5% chance of encountering a kekleon on Pokemon go after each unique waypoint scan upload and Niantic will fill all the database they need withing weeks.

    Badges aren't payment method, they show create some gameplay benefits to incentive player to use it for game advantage not profile adornment.

    It would not be necessary a second badge about the same thing if the process were interesting for the players. If it keep escalating this way we're gonna get a third one before Christmas.

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    its a shame portal scans doesnt affect anything with Mind Units.. thats what this game is all about building triangles and MU for your own team,, here you shall go solo and scan random objects but your team doesnt benefit anything from this. Last i checked this game is all about teamplay and working together with faction, not go hunt portals and scan them and gain no benefits for your own team, only get a badge which doesnt mean much.. Also scanning is so boring it takes time from doing the other stuff which is more fun.....

    There has to be something more when you scan i know niantic wants this data for a future project or something but as it is now most wont use due to its boring and that not everyone has a phone that can actually use the ARcore scan feature..

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