Tessellation Achievement Announcement



  • Viva La Resistance!!

    Good job for all truthseekers!!

  • Resistance forever :D

  • Cheers to all agents 🍻...

    Looking forward to more events...

  • boghusboghus ✭✭

    I Enjoyed this new way to play ingress, be searching in the clue to get passcode.

    Thank you @Truthseeker for your work and dedication.

    I'm resistencia!

  • For resistance(physical)!

  • Vive la resistance!

    That was fun 🙂

  • Fue agradable competir en el tesselation, honestamente me hizo conectarme con agentes locales y también con agentes de otros países. Era un poco frustrante no poder encontrar la clave para descifrar algún código, pero igual lo disfruté.

    Me pareció igual excelente, que por este evento algunos agentes que se encontraban inactivos, se reactivaron por intentar conseguir un media. Sinceramente no quiero borrar los medias, me agradaría que habilitarán un cápsula de medias, coleccionarlos ahí y que no generen espacio en el almacenamiento.


  • Gran evento, ahora solo toca esperar algún otro evento similar o incluso mejor, soy ENL, y estoy orgulloso de aquello. Felicidades a la RES.

  • Viva la Resistencia

    No mas XF

  • Congrats all.

  • PAC, muito obrigado a você e sua equipe! Estão de parabéns. Sei dos esforços que fizeram para tudo isso ser possível e realmente sou grato. Foi muito divertido e de bastante aprendizado.

    Muito obrigado!

  • @Truthseeker thank you so much for the exiting time. It must have been much work.

    it was great!

  • J1vvyJ1vvy ✭✭

    Thank you for the challenge and adventure. Thank you for adapting to an all virtual at home event so we all could continue to participate safely.

  • dfau1tdfau1t ✭✭✭


    We want to say thank you for curating tessellation and clues!

    Its was be amazing experience for all of us. Recognize the truth and walk forward to the light of enlightenment!

  • congratulation to both factions, it was a good and long game.

    Good job all the RESISTANCE agent and the discoverers


  • All Hail RESISTANCE!!!!

    Thank you, @Truthseeker for making on this!!!

    And thank you all, cause we are the RESISTANCE as blue team!!

    And have a merry Christmas in July!!!🎅🎄⛄🦌🤶

  • CrhodanCrhodan ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    I hope that at the time of the adjustment, the Interpreter does not play Bruce Campbell, and they does not say the wrong words ... releasing the Exogenus here in Osiris ...

    Repeat with me:

     - 'Klaatu Verata Necto'

    The End?

  • Vive la résistance

  • CrhodanCrhodan ✭✭✭

     Can we have implemented media capsules?

    If was one Media capsule, the process to rendem the media and post post it will be more easy, if media no count as inventory limit it will be great.

  • Viva La Resistance

  • I joined late and still had a blast. Thank you so much to the organizers, and all participants regardless of faction.

    Special thanks to the ENL hive mind and the amazing and gifted agents that make it all click!

    Congratulations to the RES for winning it all!

  • Lesiu7Lesiu7 ✭✭

    Gratulacje dla obu frakcji za wytrwałość i ambicję 💪😷👍

  • simurghsimurgh ✭✭✭

    I also joined late. There was definitely an air of confusion and certain barrier of entry for many trying to figure out what exactly they were supposed to be doing or who to contact and when. Clarifying that sort of information early should go far in increasing participation across the board.

  • Thank you @Truthseeker for all your hard work on this wonderful and memorable event!

    Congratulations to all the agents from both factions for a great competition, especially all the wonderful Resistance agents, well deserved!

    Being one of the many that joined quite late the Tessellation, the Global Community has been an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to the next events to join together with all the others.

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