Tessellation Achievement Announcement


Here are the final achievements of the Tessellation:

Resistance - 195 points

Enlightened - 162 points

Nemesis - 60 points

After 10 months of intense rivalry, the Resistance have won the Tessellation, with the title, Gold Knights of the Tessellation. The Enlightened will be designated the Silver Knights of The Tessellation.

Congratulations on your achievements!

The Faction vs Faction competition for this operation has ended. Now it is up to the Researchers to make the final decision of how they would tune the membrane of our world. Most of the elements are in place, but I suspect they need time for a last debate after learning about the potential side effects of tuning. Did we do the right thing? I suppose there isn’t much for us to do now accept for preparing ourselves for whatever may come our way.

TetherCopperWendADA already expressed her thanks and goodbye. I would like to personally thank all the Agents as well. Thank you for your passion, curiosity, patience, and competitive spirit. As a truthseeker, I viewed the competition as an obstruction to learning all we can to defend ourselves against Nemesis or any other extraneous entities. But after seeing the sudden surges in value of these level 1 Media Objects, perhaps Copperplate is right. Competition does provide more incentive to gathering intel.

Competition can sever the community, but the Tessellation also allowed me to see other aspects of the community connecting. When live Tesserae hunting was possible, we witness new inter-Agent links established across the world. Avid decoders who are efficient at processing obscured data. The lore-specialists who have a memory palace of keywords and Ingress history. The fast and vigilant hackers that trek the last mile to retrieve the Tessera. Don’t forget the coordinators and cheerleaders that actually make it possible for these subgroups to connect. I imagine it was pretty difficult to explain what this operation is when trying to recruit new members to participate. 

Especially when almost every Round seemed like a new experiment on gaming or how to enrage the Agents even more while still asking them to keep going

Speaking of rage. It’s easy to take in the moments where I think you are celebrating a discovery victory. Yet, I also greatly appreciate the times when you express your frustration about a rule change or being left out from a Discoverer verification. Not that I wish you to be disappointed. We would definitely want a smooth operation. But when these glitches and interference do happen, I can also see that the Operation meant something more than just a hunt for Media Objects, It tells us how much you cared. Because of this, the NIA and I need to do what we can to make it better. I apologize that sometimes it may be too late to make amends, but I sincerely hope the lessons learned will help us or any other successors build a better experience for you next time.

The Tessellation is an undeniably dense book. The stories it contains does not come to life until the Agents are out there investigating its mysteries. You have sent your teams, virtually or physically, to over 100 locations around the world since the initiation of the Tessellation. Discovering the past, present and future of our node (and even others) embedded in these Portals. 

It does not matter whether this IS or ISN'T just a game. The world of Ingress only exists when you and your community are actively part of it. Thank you for defending Osiris node. Thank you for choosing to believe and partake. Things may or may not quiet down for a while here after the Tessellation. In any case, stay vigilant and don’t cease to envision or voice your ideals for this currently XM fused world. 

Congratulations, Agents.

For the outstanding accomplishment; and for finally completing this very long trek.


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