Tessellation Hall of Fame - Knight Medal


Thank you for your contribution to the Global Tesserae Drops! Agents who are awarded with Paragon will also receive the Knight Medals. Here is the list of awardees of the Knight Medals.

Gold Knight

Silver Knight

If you do not see your IGN in the list, first, please go through the following checklist:

  • I submitted the screenshot to the designated Forum thread.
  • I submitted the screenshot prior to PAC(Truthseeker)'s verification & the Discoverers' Predictions.
  • My screenshot was valid, containing:
    • A. an in-Scanner Media Object of the Tessera.
    • B. my Faction.
    • C. my comment was not edited.
    • D. the screenshot was from my Ingress Scanner.
  • During Round 11 - 13, in at least one Tessera thread, I did not redeem multiple passcodes for the Tessera.
  • For Tesserae from Round 10 - 13, my Screenshot was submitted within the submission Window.

If your screenshot submission checks all of the boxes above, please respond to this thread with a link to the comment you have submitted. The NIA will review it as soon as they receive it. The deadline to submit your appeal is July 29th 2020 23:59 UTC.



After reevaluating the difficulties of finding a non Full-Redeemed code within the given deadlines ( usually 1hr or 2 hrs) for the Global Redeem Tesserae, the NIA is willing to remove the following criteria -

  • For Tesserae from Round 10 - 13, my Screenshot was submitted within the submission Window. "

Please allow some time for these additions to be logged.

The screenshots will still need to be submitted before my (PAC/Truthseeker) verification posts in order to qualify for the Knight Medals.


Here are the updated list of Knight Medals awardees based on reviewing the appeals

Gold Knight v07302020

Silver Knight v07302020

The appeals were reviewed according the the FAQs and rules of The Tessellation. Thanks to all the veteran Tesserae-hunters for pointing out the guidelines of Medal qualification. Screenshot submissions generally always need to have your Faction and cannot be edited. There are deadlines for submitting the Tesserae, but after reconsideration, the NIA lifted the first deadline (1-2 hr window). It is, however, still required for the screenshots to come in before I have made the verifications. Lastly, only Global Tesserae need all the Agents to submit as many of the Tesserae screenshot as they can ( once again, with your Faction & unedited ). Doing so correctly will guarantee you one of the Knight Medals. These Tesserae either have an openly given passcode or obscured urls that will give you a list of passcodes. The Target Portal Tesserae or Virtual Live Drops require more puzzle solving, hence only the Discoverers are logged in the NIA records.

This is a final review of the Hall of Fame, in case any previous qualifying appeals were left out, but the NIA won't be accepting new appeals. The deadline for final review is July 31st 0700 UTC.

Thanks again for partaking in this Operation. If you've missed it this time, keep an eye out for future Happenings. Our world is constantly changing, stay vigilant, there will always be more missions that need your participation.

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