IGN/Faction change during The Tessellation


If you have made an IGN change during the run of The Tessellation, please respond to this thread with your previous & current IGN. Listed below is a reminder from the FAQ. If you don't feel comfortable with openly sharing the changes, please reach out to the Vanguards. Your deadline for flagging your IGN status is July 24th 2020 23:59 UTC

14. What if I changed Faction midway through the Tessellation, which Knight Medal do I get?

You would get the Medal of the Faction you were when you participated. If you participated before and after your Faction change, then you will get the tier of Knight Medal for your current Faction.

e.g. Agent Truthseeker switched from Faction A to B. He participated in the Tessellation before and after he switched alliances. In the end, Faction A won Gold Knight, Faction B is given Silver Knight. Agent Truthseeker gets awarded the Silver Knight.

16. What if I changed my Ingress name since first registering with the forums?

There will be a dedicated thread in the Tessellation forum section for you to report this. You will have to link the original comment where you contributed screenshots. We will then process the verification. 



Your deadline for flagging your IGN status is July 29th 2020 23:59 UTC.

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