Opting out of the Tessellation Medals


The NIA are working to compile the IGN lists for the Hall of Fame, with great support from the Vanguard Program. Huge thanks to the Vanguards. In the meantime, please respond to this thread if you would like to opt out of The Tessellation Medals. Listed below are the reminders from the FAQ. The deadline for opting out is: July 24th 2020 23:59 UTC.

17. How can I opt out of the Medals?

There will be a dedicated thread in the Tessellation forum section for this. You will have one week to express your desire to opt out of the Medals after we have posted the Hall of Fame. The date for publishing the Hall of Fame will be announced after the Tessellation has concluded. If you are qualified for receiving both Medals, you can only opt out of both, and not one or the other.

18. I received the Medal but was too late to opt out. Can I have it removed?

No, if you choose to opt out, you must opt out of the Medals before the deadline. Medals will not be removed from Agent profiles at this time.



If you are expressing the wish to opt out, please respond "I wish to opt out of the Medals" . The deadline will be updated once the Hall of Fame is published.


The deadline for opting out is: July 29th 2020 23:59 UTC.

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