A Quick Summary of Lightman VLD

As Tessellation is ended right now, I would like to share the process for decoding Lightman VLD here.

The puzzle was at https://www.januslaboratorium.com/lightman.

At first, we considered numbers in the first column as longs and lags. By looking into it, several locations in China were retrieved, but it doesn’t make some solid sense.

Later on, people said dash between numbers and dates could be mathematical minus, where we should transform dates into Unix time stamps. It worked, and gave several locations in Japan, where have missions around them.

By linking portals for missions in order, each mission gives a Japanese character (except the last two gives one character, notice in the letter the last two rows are connected).

Putting those letters in the order of date for each row, it gives しはただのはじまり (“**** is just the beginning” in English). Finally, try to fit this phrase in the format of underline (5+16), deathwatadanohajimari is the passcode.

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