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I'm sure theres some curious agents out there on what the backs of the artifact tesserae looked like so i decided to put all the links together in a google doc for agents to be able to grab them and ill share the entire list here on this post too!

Please keep in mind that all of these tesserae have white drawing and transparent backs. That means when you save it, its going to be hard to look at but you can use programs to color the back and see the details.

The tesserae have returned to their previous forms so i have updated the links to the current ones.

Note *if these links die i will also provide the google drive i saved them in for the investigation*

Wind Jewel 


Ptolemy’s Coin 


Darsana Lenses


Obsidian Arrowhead 


Shonin Stone


Undine Silica


Osiris Stone


Sarahs Ring


Helios Beacon


Anazktec Stone


Alexanders Dagger


Recursion coin


Casket Of Halicarnassus 


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  • Looks like they have returned to what they used to look like now!

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    @Truthseeker Thankyou ! Ill edit it and save the returned ones too!

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    >_< messed up on this comment lol

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    @Truthseeker I am so sorry for pinging you so much but Darsana lenses, Obsidian Arrowheads, Anazktec Stone, and Casket of Halicarnassuss are all errored out on my list and on the tessellation board. it seems the update may have done something to them

  • IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭✭

    the links have been fixed! Thank you for the quick response!

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