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Originally, I was going to make a stop at Cahokia Mounds last March before the Pokemon Go Safari Zone St Louis, however <REDACTED> virus <REDACTED>

Historically, when I take a look at a location from the old days of Ingress (such as Operation bowstring, hank's breadcrumbs, project whydah, etc) I have found media, portal keys made by heavy influencers of Ingress at the time, hidden portal photos etc.

Soon™ I will be at Cahokia Mounds ,,-90.059361&z=15&pll=38.654865,-90.058932

If anyone has any requests, let it be known here, will also let you know I find anything interesting


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    I have made it to Cahokia Mounds, spent about 3 hours there today.

    I did not find any media however

    I have discovered some interesting things and with the help of a really cool mission there, pinged agent zmaya in the scanner and gave an invite to this forum / post to include any information.

    Also found other resources online about the location / Ingress which is interesting, its just scattered everywhere and may be known by veteran agents, however this post is designed for anyone to read and get a general understanding

    I'm going to make this in the format of my other posts and try to put each thing in its own reply so it is easier to discuss

    The cell service is really good there, there was no lag at all, I did portal submissions and a portal scan with no problem.

    Historically, it is an awesome place to visit, there is a local burial mound to me in Miamisburg Ohio which is the 2nd highest mound, and this place basically has 10 of those.

    By the way, this was my 1st stop on my road trip to do a portal scan of Mount Rushmore, usually when I'm traveling, I only post to my instagram lol

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    First off, going to establish the mission "Viator: Cahokia Mounds" is Ingress canon and NOT fan fiction

    I might go as far as this is the first and only Ingress mission that is canon.

    According to this reddit post, this was one of the first Ingress missions, which from my understanding, it had to

    get the approval of a Niantic employee at the time.

    At one point in the youtube video linked, the mission author zmaya is interviewed

    agent zmaya is mention in "Ingress: The Niantic Project Files, Volume 3"

    Since that 4 volume book series has the Niantic copyright, its safe to say it is canon. I never seen a physical copy of The Niantic Project Files, was it eBook only?

    I did ping him in the scanner while doing his mission, he didn't seem thrilled about Ingress, it was cool that I got any reply at all though!

    Anyways, I believe this mission may be based information from that book series which may be where agent zmaya based his mission on.

    Like I said before, most of my replies to this post will be based on this mission, and things that may come in the future of Ingress.

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    This is the document which started the investigation at Cahokia Mound on Jan 28, 2013

    I just want to point out some fact from this:

    A) Hank's formal name is "Holland Henry Johnson"

    B) In 1995, Hank attended / graduated at University of Texas in Austin, TX. Which may put the year of his birth year between 1971-1973?


    C) Who was Robert Gazdan? Agent of NIA / alias of another well known character?

    D) Who was Nancy Julius? Same suspensions as Robert Gazdan

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    This was the first passphrase question on the mission, spent about 20 min guessing every character of the Ingress universe, then found

    this plaque in front of the building... (BTW its about 95 degrees outside)

    This establishes Hank Johnson was part of the construction of the historical society building in 1989.

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    The is first artifact you see when you enter the museum. The "birdman" tablet was found and dated about 700 years ago at Monks Mound. The museum logo design and is displayed everywhere on this historical site.

    It is heavily implied this is not a 'birdman', this is a carving of a 'shaper'

    It is not uncommon that many theorize that ancient societies were influenced by aliens.

    This 'shaper' tablet most likely influence a young Hank Johnson to investigate

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    This is the Hank Johnson bio card in which the mission badge was made from

    I believe I got this card from the set of character cards portalyst gave me in 2015

    I'm not sure if this image was also used in a comic book or other media

    Notice Hank Johnson's thesis file is labeled 'An Ancient Power Spot" and his bio card description credits him for term

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    On the reverse side of the Birdman ('Shaper') tablet, it has a snake skin carving

    I believe this is a sign of a 'secret ancient snake society', how does that relate to Ingress?

    Back in 2014, there was some type of partnership and rumors of a augmented reality game based on James Frey's "Endgame" being developed by Niantic Labs.

    I'm not too familiar with "Endgame" but I did attend James Frey's panel at Awesome Con 2015 in Washington DC which was the night before Persepolis anomaly 

    I do recall James Frey describing 'secret ancient snake societies' and how they have revealed themselves in the past, and this was the core story of "Endgame"

    If you look at the Endgame logo, it has 2 snakes eating its own tail.

    Logically the Endgame characters would also have an interest in Cahokia Mounds / Birdman ('Shaper') tablet.

    If Hank was investigating this tablet, he probably did encounter other people (Endgame) interested in the Birdman ('Shaper') tablet and maybe even members of the 'secret ancient snake society'

    A snake eating its own tail is an ancient symbol called an 'Ouroboros', which symbolizes a cycle of life, ****, and rebirth.

    Ouroboros is also a common symbol of immortality and Hank Johnson has somehow found the secret through this 'secret ancient snake society' and Birdman ('Shaper') tablet.

    Since the Endgame logo has 2 snakes eating its own tail, Hank Johnson Prime might be the other snake eating its own tail.

    The infinity symbol ∞ is 2 snakes eating it own tail, a double Ouroboros.

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    Also wanted to add that there is a Endgame character medal in the scanner

    Stella Vyctory

    So there is an established connection with Ingress and Endgame

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    One of the mission steps is to visit a Field Trip link, I'm not sure if any easter eggs been left in field trip before, but have found some in google maps.

    I did not see any in this field trip page, however it does give a good overview about the site.

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    This mission step took me a while to guess the answer

    This mission was created before any Ingress / CMU in-app store, so Chaotic Matter being known to bond to copper (USD pennies) was kinda funny to me

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    The next mission steps, would like to give you a better idea how big this park is. The video from 2013 / replies makes it seem like this is a small sad museum 

    Did this mission on foot, 1.73 km (~1 mile). This park is at least twice as big as the last hexathlon I did last March in SLC.

    There's a paved path in the park in which people were biking it.

    There's about 35 portals in the park.

    There's a deer in the shade in one of the trees and along the bike path

    The grand plaza is about the size of 2 football fields, thought it was neat that they were playing a game moving an object (shards?)

    Additionally to the about 1 mile walk, you get to go up 154 steps (~100 feet) up Monks Mound, when I did this it was about 95 degrees, it was workout, however worth it.

    This is where they found the 'Shaper' tablet.

    It does not seem like anyone from the 2013 anomaly actually went up this mound

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    Birdman ('Shaper') copper coin

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    There were wooden stakes in a circle discovered at the site and a replica of a wood henge nearby. What does that remind me of? Hmmm

    Notice "Thirteen Magnus / 13Magnus", according to the Wikipedia page, only 13 posts were found at Woodhenge V archaeological site

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    ancient portal shield

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    What's really cool about climbing up Monk's Mound is that you can see the St Louis skyline / The Gateway Arch from the top of the Mound

    I probably should of tried to throw a link, I have a The Gateway Arch portal key from the 2018 Mission Day.

    The distance is 11390.88677 meters / 11 KM / ~7 miles

    I did a portal scan (1st scout controller)

    pro tip: if you want to do a portal scan of a large mound or object

    what you do is when you get the scan portal camera screen up, you can move THEN start capturing

    So in this case I started it at the top of the mound, went down the 154 steps and then started the scan.

    Portal scanning also works when the portal is not located not within range, you can start the cam, walk to where the portal

    actually is and then start the scan.

    I have an app where it captures my phone screen (AZ screen recorder), however was worried about my phone overheating since it was about 100 degrees outside 

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    I have recently investigated a 'power source' 10 times more powerful to Cachokia Mounds, 10 times older than Cachokia Mounds, and 10 times more infamous

    I actually wish I never knew about this 'power source', Cahokia Mounds, or even Ingress, however "What to do with the time that is given to us" 

    I have met members of an ancient 'secret snake society'

    Hank, NIA, and the 'others' of End Game would be interested in this 'power source'

    I asked enough questions to intrigue a gang of the local chapter of the 'secret snake society' that met me at my car in the parking lot of the 'power source'

    They wanted to know who I was, I assured them I was descendant of the ancient bloodline of mound builders (which I am), and I came here for power.

    I have decided to share with you agents a 4-part weekly reply here starting on Tues, Sep 1st...

    This is not a game

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    Serpent Mound Part I: The Meteor

    The 'Power Spot' is Serpent Mound

    About 200 Million years ago, this area was hit by a massive Meteor about 9 miles in diameter, the valley is a crater. If you travel here, you will get to know it.,-83.429794&z=17&pll=39.023502,-83.429794


    (approved recently)

    At this same time, 200 Million years ago, on Earth, dinosaurs appeared, the age of reptiles began

    At the same time, 200 Million years ago, the 'Earth' was one large land mass

    60 million years ago (around Mexico), another meteor hit the Earth (about 5x bigger), most of the reptiles (dinosaurs) were wiped out, except for 'Serpents of the Underworld'

    Around 10,000 BC (about 10 times older than Cahokia Mounds), humans built this mound representing a 'Serpent of the Underworld', you can see if from God's eye (Space)

    This is the largest effigy mound (represents a shape of an animal) in the world and it has has astronomical meanings

    In the late 1800's, this area is becomes first privately funded archaeological funded site in the 'New World' by Putnam.  

    He kept a lot of ancient artifacts to himself and donates the rest to the Peabody Museum in Cambridge, MA (Harvard).

    To be fair though, this area was going to be razed for farmland.

    Imagine an isolated ancient culture worshiping snakes (Genesis), and they build a mound of a snake (there are whole books written on this subject stopping here), just know that snakes do represent forbidden knowledge

    Some believe (ancient secret snake societies) this is the 'Garden of Eden' of the Old World (with a snake in it no less)

    How does that relate to Ingress?

    There's not much in Ingress lore other than End Game ('secret snake societies' mentioned earlier in this post), however there is this mildly interesting in game medal of snake in a 'Garden of Eden'

    AND 'Cassandra' anomalies, which Cassandra is in Greek mythology and could predict the future with the power of serpents

    there is more coming in the next 3 parts (weekly)

    Part I End Transmission

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    Serpent Mound Part II: The Bird Egg

    This part is about the bird (Shaper) element in the mound.

    It is believed the snake is eating a bird egg

    How does that relate to Cahokia Mounds? Let's go back to the Birdman (Shaper) Tablet found at Monk's Mound in Cahokia.

    This site represents the sky world / bird egg (bird), the earth / mound (man), and underworld / serpent shaped mound (snake).

    Now also remember, this site is a lot older than Cahokia Mounds. It is likely the ancient people traveled from this site by

    the Ohio / Mississippi River (also note Mound City)

    Here's a photo of the Bird Egg. Some type of ceremony was performed here.

    This site is also believe to be a graveside.  

    When they did x-rays, and other investigations, there are no bodies in the mound.

    There are burial mounds which they found bones in nearby though

    Scanner view of the serpent shaped mound

    I offered toast to the serpent in the scanner

    More to come in the next 2 weekly parts, notice that in the first post I linked a video from the 1995 film 12 Monkeys.

    The central theme of 12 Monkeys is the Cassandra Complex.

    The main location of 12 Monkeys was in Philadelphia..where was Cassandra Prime anomaly in 2018?

    Part II End Transmission


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  • Serpent Mound Part III: The COIL

    The coil is regarded as the portal to the underworld...

    There are members of an ancient snake society which bring special stones here

    There are some that come here to be re-energized

    In a biblical sense, a snake gives Eden an apple from the tree of knowledge (coil?).

    This portal represents forbidden knowledge which may bring horror beyond mankind's wildest imagination.

    Are you afraid?

    2021 we will see..


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    Very impressive !!

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    Serpent Mound Part IV of IV: The Return of the King



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    Karma is the road to enlightenment

    The world deserved to suffer as Native Americans (my people) of Ohio have have suffered...



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