TESSERA Finale - Obsidian Arrowheads


In order to Predict, this time you not only have to find the answers, but also the questions themselves. Your starting point - https://www.januslaboratorium.com/prime-artifacts-equation

Solve the puzzle to find the designated quiz for the Obsidian Arrowheads. Respond to this thread with your Factionanswer, and Placement Prediction.

Reminders -

  • Your answer to the quizzes should be based on the wording of the Intel retrieved through puzzle solving. 
  • Only Predictions with the correct answers will be reviewed. The first Agent from each Faction that answers the quiz correctly + makes a correct Prediction will be assigned Tracker
  • After the Prediction process, we will not only complete the Tessellation Board, but also learn about the full procedures of the Prime Artifacts Equation.


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