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Given some of the reactions to the ‘Scout Controller’, it shows how so many people are very passionate about their scanners.

Since Niantic don’t have a crystal ball and sometimes make mistakes, let’s give them some ideas of what we want to see / not see and how these things could be implemented, and suggestions for possible tiers.

With the new drone feature, a badge for “Unique Portals Drone Hacked” could be great, especially as the stat is already tracked.

B: 250

S: 500

G: 1,000

P: 2,500

O: 5,000

Total Drone hacks made seems silly as we all can only hack once per hour, drone distance could work but getting a good distance ~50km is only attainable in some areas and the ability for one to publish a route of getting XYZ distance takes away the individual challenge.

My second idea is for some kind of anti-BAF medal, a new stat that counts the MU fields you destroy. I think this could be really good for gameplay. My city has been BAF’d twice by the opposing faction and I drove about for 40mins to take it out fields worth ~6/8mil MU each time.

Yes - there is already an incentive to take out a field you’re under, as you can’t link under a field, and help your faction out on the cell score, but a badge would help give that incentive, and could create an interesting opportunity cost - Agent A is badge locked and this field could help them to level up, so you could have them take the big fields out, but if the fields are up during the next Checkpoint, it adds the Mu to the opposing faction’s cell score.

Finding a name for such a badge has me undecided, the description could be something like “liberated Mind Unit via Control Fields over populated areas”, the ideas I have are: Saviour, Discharger, Releaser. I’m sure others could think of better names!

For badge requirements, I’d suggest keeping it the same as Illuminator:

B: 5,000

S: 50,000

G 250,000

P 1,000,000

O 4,000,000

I’d love to hear other ideas!


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