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  • What's wrong?

  • Yay xfcc

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    Yay!!! Yes please join us guys!

  • Welcome to the cool kids club 😎

  • Hola!

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    So.... What is XFCC? that would help get more people interested.

  • @JimboMX

    XF-CC or more commonly known as Xfac is a group of agents from both factions who still play for thier own faction as well as with the other faction and can still act with respect in and out of the game ( my options do not reflect any of the official XF-CC groups)

  • TrinityPrincessTrinityPrincess ✭✭✭✭

    Actually, XF-CC is a community of XFAC as an idea... There are some xfac people involved with XF-CC and some that aren't... And vice versa!

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    In my country, there are a lot of people that think Xfac is the same as Wintrade.... does anyone have a clear definition for both things? Niantic never gave one.

  • GaijinHellGaijinHell ✭✭✭


    Xfac or cross faction is any non-competitive interaction whith agents of the opposing team. This can be at an anomaly afterparty or somewhere in your neighbourhood. For most agents refraining from scanner actions while conversing with the other team in person is considered polite.

    Sometimes it is helpful to reach out to the opposing faction to resolve personal issues. Besides that, it is good sportsmaship to be on friendly terms with your fellow players and can be fun to share jokes or stories. For this purpose some communities have dedicated cross factiom chat groups. Xf-cc is a communuty for this purpose.

    Wintrading on the other hand are any actions designed to enable another factions agent or agents to score ap in an efficient way by coordinating your actions with them.

  • XF-CC is based on the concept of Rise Above. When in doubt pursue AP! Rise Above Agents. Join XF-CC!

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