Another spoof topic... help?

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Hello. Again. So, im here because we're facing a wave of spoofers (again) In Brasilia - Brasil, that reports by the site and by the trusted reporters didnt solve.

(#8165389 #8106587 #8121918)

(RTR_2020_1962 - RTR_2020_1961 - RTR_2020_1961)

Accounts involved: 3 Cangacceiro, MariiaBoniita and HulkEnl

You can notice that neither of them have trekker and in 2 days, they traveled a lot of citys:

Citys that the spoofs affected:

Alexania - Goias:,-48.499971&z=16&pll=-16.078015,-48.505205

Aguas Frias - Goias:,-47.78096&z=16&pll=-14.982788,-47.785127

Jaborandi - Bahia:,-44.466128&z=17&pll=-13.62286,-44.467476

Santa Maria da Vitoria - Bahia:,-44.205584&z=15&pll=-13.401916,-44.207051

Aguas lindas - Goias:,-48.257985&z=15&pll=-15.738038,-48.25931

Abadiania - Goias:,-48.698454&z=15&pll=-16.197829,-48.706153

Coribe - Bahia:,-44.456127&z=17&pll=-13.825778,-44.461421

Alvorada do norte - Goias:,-46.493857&z=15&pll=-14.481392,-46.495055

Uruaçu - Goias:,-49.158251&z=18&pll=-14.538246,-49.160929

Sao miguel do Araguaia:,-50.163753&z=17&pll=-13.276903,-50.166914

Formosa - Goias:,-47.104409&z=16&pll=-15.495025,-47.108148


Our score can tell a better story:

So.. Since the bot and the TR cant ban this guys.. What should we do? 🤔

@Azhreia @fabnick :P


  • We hope that the affected portals will be restored, as they were all strategic.

  • biguab52biguab52 ✭✭

    Please Niantic, take a look better in this system to detect spoofers, there is not fun suffering against cheaters players, don’t let them destroy even more this game !

  • I honestly don't understand why the NIA leaves and all these spoofers at work. The worst that is so evident that any player knows that it is impossible to travel 200km in 5 min !! Let the vanguards forget their factions and ban anyone who gets in the way of the game. That's why I stopped playing.

  • We have in our place a bunch who boast on comm about spoofing and multi. Reported many times; No ban.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭
  • FMotaBraFMotaBra ✭✭


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