Prime Scanner App not working on Apple devices running iOS 14 public Beta 1 & 2


it is really a shame that with every beta release of a major iOS upgrade you are failing to keep Ingress Prime running.

It is obvious that you do not start working on compatibility issues early enough. Nearly all other Apps on iOS device keep running on iOS 14 beta devices but Ingress not.

what does make INGRESS so different that you are not making it a stable app even under new iOS Betas.

It must be just you, guys who are lacking the programming skills.


  • If I‘m not wrong closing Ingress on beta OS software is by Niantic‘s intention. The app will only run on a non-beta OS.

    But this policy is a shame. I‘d really like to load the latest iOS 14 beta but Ingress is „blocking“ me or at least make me a decision to one or another direction.

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