Drone Mission Day

This is just my idea to expand the use of a drone. This is also to encourage Agents who have no access or have travel limitations to attend a Mission Day with the hopes that those Agents one day could attend one in person. This is NOT intended as a spoofing event. It is for educational purposes as all Mission days are. By providing the listed restrictions below the drones can do the following:

  • Click on Event button in game to show Mission Day link. By clicking on the link it will take your drone to the first portal of the Mission day location.
  • Mission Day Playbox - Limits area of where drones can go and prevents drones from going outside the boundaries.
  • Remove jump timer while in the playbox from 1 hour to a 2 minute timer (gives time to read historical references).
  • Hacking produces only Media. The media is linked to a website that tells about the historical location that the portal is at, similar to a Field Trip Waypoint or could use Field Trip as the information given.
  • Hacking any portal within the orange ring (Area of Influence) of the drone can only be done inside the playbox (allows hacking portals that drones are not on top of).
  • Portal jumps and hacks will count as unique visits/hacks if the drone was never at the portal before.
  • Credit will be given for 6 completed missions, but must maintain the media until credit has been given (missing media equals no MD credit).

Like I said that this is just an Idea that I have for using the drones. Niantic could set up a Mission day Playbox that everyone from around the world could visit with the use of a drone. As long as the Pandemic is in effect, it will be hard to see just how long not having other community events will hurt the game. Virtual IFS was a wonderful and great Idea, so kuddos for whoever presented the idea. This is just another Virtual Event that could be implemented.

Lets hear some feedback or add ideas to this!


  • MinusFiveMinusFive ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    I like this idea.. Here is a bit of feedback. Is this proposal tied to Ingress community POCs creating missions, maps, mission medals, and nominating the events like in the old days? This might be a cool way for agents around the globe to submit a virtual guided tour of their local community with mission medals with photos and/or artwork special to the region. Maybe they could add a Zoom meeting for folks that want to chat afterward and have a beer together. Also, maybe the modifications to the drone behavior would lend itself to a new Mark II model drone with modified abilities. (The ability to only hack media or a level 1 XMP to validate the hack was successful)

  • Yes, old requirements for a MD submission will still apply, but the MD creator will have more work to do for the historical text to be given. Come to think of it maybe get the Vanguards in to vote on what sites should get dibs for a monthly Drone Mission Day for the year (12 months = 12 sites). Like your idea for including zoom, but it will have to be for a whole 24 hours so everyone can attend, lol

    Hopefully we'll see what the developers come up with soon for the Mark II.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great idea, i have also wanted this i hope niantic considers this... since no real events until next year this could be a fun event to have. and MD medal is the last medal thats locked for me and many still after NL :(

  • MinusFiveMinusFive ✭✭✭
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    Another idea on timing is to keep it a small window in the local time zone. That way it has the feeling of completing it during the area’s local day time. This will also help the community organizers keep the Zoom video chat limited to those hours so it’s more manageable. Also, maybe one mission day could be approved per month for each region (APAC, EMEA and AMER) for folks that want to participate during their local daytime hours.

  • I don't know who would disagree with your idea. Having an local zoom meeting Organizer provide the chat while everyone jumps in during their prescribed time could be helpful.

    • Also, maybe one mission day could be approved per month for each region (APAC, EMEA and AMER) for folks that want to participate during their local daytime hours

    Yes! this is what I was getting at with my proposed idea.

  • Nice idea and sounds a fun way to get something new into the game, really hope it can be done.

  • I would love to see an event like this. For those of us who are stuck in the house with covid, or for new players would be awesome!

    Big UP!

  • with Drone, Mission Day with Ingress First Saturday collaboration, provides a different experience related to drone missions becoming an interface / xfact activity with IFS as well as taking a mission Day on IFS (Virtual), POC can prepare 6 missions at IFS time in each city / region in the world, by providing education related to the culture of each city / region and posting it on Ingress social media. We already know that Mission Day is a form of introduction to local culture and can be a promotion of Ingress itself by involving the best (unique) portal in the city / region.

    IFS - Virtual

    MD - Virtual Action (AR + access if applicable)

    for MD here we must have a concept first, the first step can be to give access to Kinetic capsule (special event for IFS & MD keys) to get Mission Day keys at IFS, which is in the form of access to the initial portal Mission Day begins (we don't know yet. Niantic can make it happen or not)

    then my idea was interrupted by the state of my stomach that was hungry, it will be continued ...

  • "then my idea was interrupted by the state of my stomach that was hungry, it will be continued ..."

    @BlackQurqura I had to laugh at that last comment. An empty stomach is one not to fool around with!

    But in any case I like your idea of Mission Day keys from an IFS event.

    Unfortunately, I wrote this up near the beginning of the pandemic as nobody knew when it would end or if the vaccines would be available. If the pandemic continued on then I could see this happening. There is a concept and it can be shelved for the time being.

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