Ingress codename on your Niantic Profile

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As you may have seen, your Ingress codename and Access Level were temporarily visible to your Pokémon GO Friends via your Niantic Profile, a new feature of Niantic Social on Pokémon GO. This feature was released earlier than intended, and we have since removed it from your Niantic Profile.

When we launch the Niantic Profile feature in Ingress next month, we’ll add a new setting to help you control your codename visibility, allowing you to optionally display your Ingress codename on your Niantic Profile. In the meantime, you will continue to see Ingress listed in your Niantic Profile’s “Other Games to Share” section.

Please note that when Ingress initially launches the Niantic Profile feature, you will be able to view your Niantic Profile in Ingress only from your own Agent Profile. Tapping another Agent’s codename to view their Agent Profile will not display a link to their Niantic Profile. This is by design because your Agent Profile is accessible to all Agents.

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