Gathering XM at reduced rates without using Ingress

Imagine you are like me and enjoy both Ingress (Prime) and Pokémon GO. Yesterday, I walked more than 20 km playing Pokémon GO most of the time. With only 1 functional device, I cannot enjoy both games at the same time. I use power cubes when needed but prefer gaining XM from walking. If my phone is on and with me while walking, I suggest that allow one to collect XM. Yesterday saw a new Pokémon. This will encourage people that enjoy both games to walk more. I am only level 6 but believe distance walked with my phone should add to my total distance walked too. If the app is closed, give partial credit for each kilometer walked, but full credit for the partial credit walked in XM. Simply, these are random numbers. I walked 1,000 meters. The game credits me for 20% of that (200 meters). Give me XM as if I walked 200 meters but hacked and attacked nothing. That is somewhat of an unofficial request. I know some people that take as many Portals as able. This my help those lower level players.

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