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At WWDC 2019 Apple introduced "Sign in with Apple", a login method that essentially randomly generates an email address for logging into an app/service, enabling you to easily create a new account every time you log in.

As it turns out this will become a mandatory login option for all apps in the Apple store as long as they support login with Google or Facebook.

What do you all think about that? Could it result in lots of spam or bot accounts or a lot of multiaccounting players?

More info: techcrunch com/2019/06/07/answers-to-your-burning-questions-about-how-sign-in-with-apple-works/


  • Aren't they just doing 1 random email per account per app?

    So you would need multiple apple accounts if you wanted to create multiple ingress accounts?

  • shenefshenef ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    According to the techcrunch article that's not the case:

    5) What happens if you tap Sign In with Apple, but you forgot you already signed up for that app with your email address?

    Sign In with Apple integrates with iCloud Keychain so if you already have an account with the app, the app will alert you to this and ask if you want to log in with your existing email instead. The app will check for this by domain (e.g. Uber), not by trying to match the email address associated with your Apple ID — which could be different from the email used to sign up for the account.

  • Niantic would still get a unique Id per user, so without multiple apple accounts, no multiple Ingress accounts

  • shenefshenef ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Giving the developer a unique id completely defeats the purpose of it as a privacy feature that makes the user untrackable across apps and services (which it is advertised as)

  • It's on a per app basis, so Niantic wouldn't be able to see if an account on pogo is from the same person as an account on ingress.

    So it isn't trackable

  • StranditStrandit ✭✭✭

    You can cluster "related" apps into a single group for purposes of accounts, but it's not clear how broadly "related" can be defined. However, even if it does wind up being a developer-wide ID, it's still pretty useful because it prevents developers from sharing my email address with other companies. Which is awesome.

  • KorzhakKorzhak ✭✭✭✭✭

    Isn't that going to make reserving your IGN across the various Niantic properties a little difficult if Apple are presenting them with a different UID for each app...?

  • Well, you can always use Google or Facebook and not have that issue

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