2020.07.06 YouTube Public Discussion

This is for the 'public' discussion for the 3 videos released on July 6th 2020 (numbered by their release)

From another post, found out these videos are being uploaded as 'unlisted', as I suspected, when they are set to 'public' they get a new upload date.

This discussion is for the YouTube subscription Ingress players which are not familiar with the 'private' investigation being done by the 'Essex' group

# 1) Copperplate Unmasked

#2) Requiem Departure

#3) NIA Transmission Broadcast: the Osiris - Nemesis Summit #03


  • cheatchcheatch ✭✭✭

    So far # 1) Copperplate Unmasked and #3) NIA Transmission Broadcast: the Osiris - Nemesis Summit transcripts has not been automated by YouTube. Maybe NIA has got annoyed at me posting the transcripts and figured out how to get rid of that?

    Maybe it takes more time for YouTube to automate it. Maybe there's another automated service which will do the transcripts.

    #2) Requiem Departure transcript did get automated though


    Syrus artifacts can only be activated by


    the asuras - but the good news is that


    we have finally figured out how to take


    down the last of the barriers so go


    almost iris Magnus without delay the


    exogenous pushed through the membranes


    before you have a chance to act the


    tessellation may no longer be able to


    protect you in the end the fate of your


    world will be left in your hands as


    perhaps it always should have been if


    you choose to ignore our warnings and


    open up your desolation to invite the


    exhaust in know that you will be not


    only doing your world you will also be


    doing ours but we trust that you will do


    what is right it push comes to shove


    myself and the rest of the Nemesis


    Magnus levitra returning to our world in


    preparation for what is to come


    if you do block out the exogenous I


    choose to share your tessellation with


    our world we will have a lot of


    rebuilding to do and we are truly sorry


    for the pain that we have caused you in


    the past year it has in the end been a


    pleasure working with you and if you


    succeed in the task at hand I have every


    hope that we need never see each other




    good night of service Magnus



  • cheatchcheatch ✭✭✭

    The YouTube auto-transcript on #3) NIA Transmission Broadcast: the Osiris - Nemesis Summit #03 has not been loaded. I'm not sure how YouTube works, was reading sometimes it will upload later.

    Found a cool trick to taking the audio from a YouTube and converting it to text by using Google Doc -> Tools -> Voice Type, this was what I got, a lot of it didn't get captured, it might be my mic or google doc, might try another method later:

    Tessellation for us whatever we were trying to say make a call Mike racing to the Finish Line before us was it your plan all along any event it's your lucky day it seems in the end we were unsuccessful it would calculate the prime artifact only your Prime artifacts the ones that tune to Osiris node actually work on your world and it turns out they can only be activated by sensitives native to your You were destroyed to come in the world that's not what happened everyone woke up automatically was part of the plan don't understand are you at the track we're even worrying is the long story what matters right now is that we found her and we brought her back do you mean that you can send you home to do what you need to do right the rotation it should be a simple matter for me to deactivate the remaining barriers you all should be free to go home in a few days probably get all of our ducks in a row first we didn't have all the information before but I think I see the whole picture now Prime artifact equation is executed correctly the Lotus inside after all the artifacts been activated we have to break the Lotus free by play the resident for magnanimous enough to share our tessellation with you after all that you've done to us what did I need you to promise that you're going to be gone from our world for good that was always the plan stays there I suppose that's as much as soon as we can ask for. Interface with the other dogs are purines and help or not those barriers down Courier make sure I Cyrus Magnus knows need finer points of ear equation solution

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