[Bug Report] "I Have To Restart Ingress" Megamix

TinderbiscuitTinderbiscuit ✭✭✭
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Niantic are trying to monetise the game with APEX.

A reboot can take anything up to 90 seconds.

I created a short thread on Twitter with my top 6 favourite game-breaking bugs. If people are expected to drop money on APEX they should expect app stability. Thread includes screenshots and phone specs. (Also 2 bonus bugs, one related to drone and the other to Scout uploads.)

30 minutes is a very narrow window if you've dropped money on APEX. Even a short break can leave the player out of pocket. That means they're less likely to buy in the future.

I want Niantic to succeed so we can all keep playing this wonderful game. Whoop! To do that they need to monetise it. I'm not endorsing "pay to win" by saying this. I'm a games dev so I understand why. However, players should be able to expect that if they spend money they will be guaranteed to get what they paid for.

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