Drone travel distance inconsistent

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Samsung galaxy s10e Android 10

Ingress version 2.50.1-caeeffc4

Issue only noticed today, July 6.

Please see attached screenshot for detail.

I started noticing the issue from when I left portal 1 to go to portal 2. When I got to portal 2, I wasn't able to see where I came from (portal 1). I then proceeded to move on to portal 3. Moved on to portal 4 (since I wasn't really checking Intel then) and got stuck. So I went back to portal 2. I got there and can no longer see portal 1 and 4. Now I'm stuck in these 3 portals (2, 3, 4) unless I recall the drone.

Portal 2: 14.324804, 121.040507

Portal 4: 14.319444, 121.040277

Edited to add proof

Tried uploading a screen record but I can't.

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