Extending drone jump distance by key

kittysukittysu ✭✭

I am struggling to consistently pick up the portals I want to jump to with keys.

Sometimes it randomly shows portals whose keys are tucked away in a key locker, even though I have not opened that locker since I previously went to drone view and they were invisible.

Sometimes I can see portals 1.5km away, sometimes I can't even make a portal that is <1.25km away show - despite going to remote view via its key several times.

Sometimes the distant portals remain visible after I have gone into remote view via the drone, sometimes they vanish.

The thinking seems to be that if a portal is up to 1.25km away from the drone's current location and you hold a key to it, you can jump to it. I have certainly (when I can see the portals) not found an exception to this, but my key jump experience is limited.

Do those of you who have also experimented with "key jumps" experience similar frustrations when trying to see the desired portal? Anyone got any tips on how I can consistently find the portal I want?


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    Charge the portal with the key you're using, then go into drone view and it generally shows up for me. I try to make sure my key jumps are within 1km or so. I've read that portals out at the range may be tough to see or tap on.

    edit: I should point out that charging doesn't appear to be required. I did a key jump today on a neutral portal and worked as I described above.

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  • kittysukittysu ✭✭

    Thanks for the recharge suggestion - I am rather glad you don't think it is required - a number of the portals I want to jump to are neutral or wrong faction.

    I think you are right about trying to keep to shorter jumps - I have had far more success under the 1km mark also, but some jumps I hope to make there are no intermediate portals to help.

    It may be that spotting the portal on the scanner is part of my problem rather than triggering it's appearance. There seems to be a sweet spot with the zoom between zoomed out (and it's not possible to see/it's off the screen) and zoomed in to an almost horizontal view where the portal is far fainter. But get the rotation wrong and the portal is behind the text or the drone view "notch". But even repeated fiddling with the view does not always make the portal appear.

    Yesterday, there was a portal 1.1km away that I was able to jump to, although I had several unsuccessful attempts to spot it despite going through all the keys in my locker (often seems to be enough), and also unloading it to go to remote view. Yet later somehow I managed to find it. What did I do different? No idea - maybe the extra cursing helped, or perhaps I prayed loudly enough for the right deity to hear me. Later, I hopped 1.23km without issue. Today, no matter what I tried I could not find a portal 1.22km away.

    Is it possible that S2 cells have an effect on which portals can be viewed with keys? My guess is it would have to be larger area cells than L16 if so, afterall I am not alone in seeing portals well beyond the 1.25km at times. I'd love to know if anyone has info that could support/refute this.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭
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    I had some issues yesterday making consistent key jumps. I had to go back in and out of they key/remote view well over 5 times before it finally showed up in drone view. I feel confident that using the key to remote view (as if you were recharging) is the "key" to making them show up in the drone view. I recorded a key jump of my process for the wayfarer discord here, https://streamable.com/tcqrop I use the iitc plugin to plan my route and it's worked every time, without fail.

    We've talked about the 1.25km distance in the wayfarer discord, as well as the iitc TG chat and I don't think enough research has been done to verify if they key jumps are dependent on distance or cell +distance.

    PS not sure why anyone would disagree with my previous post, completely accurate and something I can replicate time and time again. I did 3 keys jumps yesterday without any issues.

  • theimmctheimmc ✭✭✭

    With data provided to me by other players, I have verified the following for key jumps:

    1. A jump of 1.248 km succeeded
    2. A jump of 1.26 km failed

    All other jumps are either closer than that (succeeded) or farther (failed).

    I can continue to narrow down, but I'm pretty happy with the 1.25 km distance.

    As for key showing, what I've been doing is:

    1. Put key in key capsule
    2. View key in capsule, wait a few seconds
    3. Exit key capsule, immediately go to drone view, hit move, and then look for portal

    It mostly works. There's once it failed, with an uncaptured portal, but when I tried it again the next day it worked, so I have no idea except to blame Shapers for that.

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