How do i ban 2 spoofs acc?

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We have 2 full actives spoofs in our town today. We already reported them by the bot(remy) but ticket just get closed... The first one links and field everthing on its way, including portals that are closed due to maintance hour or inside embassys. In this log he entered our cemitery at 11:17 pm when it closes at 07:00 pm. All details and photo from cemitery working hour is on the report. Ign is @GiovaneCesar (ticket number 8068542) He did this:

Second one is a destroyer acc. Called @DemolidorDF he is being used to destroy every field in our town. he destroyed over 22milion mu in fields so far and now is destroying every small field that exists, he plays mostly around 1am and goes until 5 or 6 am. In the ticket that we filed theres a log that shows him destroying a portal inside a residencal complex area at night. He coudnt enter there at that time.

Since the trust report telegram dont understand this as urgent and non city related, and the remy(bot) just close the ticket, can you guys help us? @NianticBrian @fabnick @Azhreia

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    keep reporting to their support, provide all info and hope they see its obvious spoofer so they can ban.

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  • Good morning @NianticOfficial, @NianticBrian, Vanguards!

    These two spoofers have made absurdities regarding the game, for example, entering closed and restricted access. This only demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the banning system or trend of some Vanguards at the time of the ban.

    I'm sure that when they get banned taking the ip of the spoofer's operator, it will arrive in main accounts and the racket will be over.

    I don't expect these two "agents" to fall as soon as possible for the game to continue to attract more people.

  • because of these types of attitudes that many agents stopped playing Igress (and with that zero chances of spending money on the game) or those who refuse to stop because of these cheaters stop spending on micro game transactions like Frakker and Apex even less .

    that is, Niantic being Niantic even to make money on his games.

  • one thing I only knew after I made my last comment is that you earn the Apex per level that goes up, despite the good intention of encouraging agents to buy, but you should do this only after the L8, because from L1 to L4 it is super easy without using Apex, with it even more and cheaters will use and abuse it.

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    IP addresses are not fixed. Banning an IP address will not solve the problem and you'll affect legit players this way as well.

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    If it involves 'areas that can not be entered without spoofing,' as you mentioned, go for the Trusted Reporters.

    Link provided. It is a swift way to deal with, although the program has some limitations.

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