Reward Portal Scans with CMU

Hulk32Hulk32 ✭✭✭


Talking with my communities about portal scanning, I've retrieved the following conclusions:

  • Portals scanning is boring, just walking around a portal making a scan has nothing to do with core game.
  • Comparing it with portal proposals and Wayfarer/OPR, it doesn't bring anything to classic game (for now, we asume new features based in that 3D models shall be implemented).
  • Just a tiered medal with high tiers (onyx is more than a year doing 200 scans per 2 weeks, I'm OK with that but most people won't even bother to try it) seems to be not enough. 

To encourage portal scanning, my proposal is the following:

  • Reward Scans points with an small amount of CMU, 5 could be a good start. This can be done retroactively, as easy as count medal points and reward them when released.
  • Those CMU would incentivate buying boosts and cosmetics, 200*5=1k CMU per 2 weeks, it's not a huge amount but an small reward for helping NIA to build the new database.A
  • A possible step forward could be giving 10 CMU instead of 5 for new scans (portal scans you've never done).

Please share your opinions and let's start a debate ☺️


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