[Known Issue] Softlock when recharging multiple Portals

We're aware of and investigating a softlock that occurs on Android and iOS when recharging multiple Portals using the specific reproducible steps below:

  1. Unload a Portal Key from a Key Locker, then recharge the Portal.
  2. Place the Portal Key back into the Locker.
  3. Unload a different Portal Key from the Locker.
  4. Tap "Charge."


  1. Select a Portal Key from your inventory, then recharge the Portal.
  2. Recycle the Portal Keys for that Portal.
  3. Reopen inventory and select a different Portal Key.
  4. Tap "Charge."

The AP bar, XM meter, and other UI is then hidden, and requires an app restart.

Please note that recharging multiple Portals from Portal Keys already in your inventory, as well as recharging from Portal Keys removed from a Key Locker or Capsule one time, should continue to work normally.

If there are additional ways to reproduce this softlock when recharging multiple Portals, please let us know what device and OS version you're on with the specific steps to reproduce this issue below. Thank you for your patience.


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